Family giving away Luvabella dolls to 10 lucky girls around the world

Girls can enter for a chance to win one of the dolls by writing to Santa and tell him why they want the doll for Christmas on FamJam Crew website.

British Columbia, Canada – The holiday is here, bringing with it love and joy for every human around the globe. In the desire for spreading the holiday spirit, The FamJam Crew family will be giving out 10 Luvabella dolls to ten girls across the world. To enter for a chance to win the doll, just go to the FamJam Crew website and write to Santa and tell him why you want the doll for Christmas. There are already over 1,000 entries so, go and register to participate now.

Visit the website at or visit their YouTube Channel at to get more information about the doll giveaway and submit an entry.

“These dolls are the hottest must-have Christmas wish list toys and are sold out in stores. They are soon to disappear on Amazon. Our family is blessed to have everything. We want to show our girls the spirit Christmas by giving. Our family has 10 of them Luvabella dolls, and we thought why not make 10 girls have a magical Christmas by giving the dolls to them. We hope that this will impact the girls and inspire them to believe there is still love in this world,” said a representative of the FamJam Crew.

How to enter for the Giveaway

Any girl from any part of the world can enter for the giveaway. All they have to do is go to the FamJam Crew website, and tell Santa why they want the doll for Christmas. Deadline for entries will be on Wednesday, December 13 before midnight.

What is so special about these Luvabella dolls anyway?

Luvabella dolls have been dubbed the number one must-have doll for girls this Christmas, 2017. It is an artificial intelligence infused doll that exhibits affectionate expressions and movements, responds to her accessories, and can say more than 100 words and phrases. The doll also get better; the more she is played with, the better she becomes. Girls all over the world love Luvabella dolls because it creates an amazing experience and is highly interactive.

About the FamJam Crew

The FamJam Crew is a family who showcases fun, exciting, and educational videos. They focus on family. They started their YouTube channel to spread kindness and generosity and hope to inspire many around the world., It is hosted by a family of five and including three adorable girls that are full of fun.

For more information, please contact 1-855-491-5323,, or visit

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