Fairway Lackner Pharmacy Offers Medicine Compounding in Kitchener

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy is excited to offer people comprehensive medicine compounding services as people become more aware of the benefits of compounding.

Kitchener, ON – In response to the growing awareness of medicine compounding and the re-emergence of this age-old pharmaceutical service, Fairway Lackner Pharmacy is pleased to remind people they have been and will continue to provide this service.

Medicine compounding is a specialized process that incorporates the use of medical knowledge, pharmaceutical knowledge, equipment and latest technologies to create customized prescriptions and medications to fit with the specific needs of each patient.

In order to offer compounding services, pharmacists must undergo years of training, education, and study. In addition, they must continue to research and study new methods of compounding as technologies are constantly improving and changing.

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy understands the importance of offering expert compounding services for people in Kitchener and the GTA. There are many benefits of compounding medicines which have contributed to the re-emergence of this practice.

Among those benefits is the ability of healthcare providers to prescribe specific formulations and dosages for their patients reflective of their own unique medical conditions. Commercially produced medications by pharmaceutical companies do not always fit the needs of each person and their medical conditions. As such, patients that have their prescriptions compounded tend to have better results with dosages that reflect their needs.

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy offers comprehensive compounding services for a variety of medications in different forms to create:

  • Dosages not available commercially.
  • Combining multiple and compatible medications into a single dosage.
  • Creating medications not available commercially.
  • Creating unique formulations in gels, lollipops, troches, creams, chewables, and others.
  • Creating medicines that are sugar-free, dye-free, alcohol-free, and lactose-free.

The pharmacy wants to remind people to compound prescription medications they do need a prescription from their healthcare provider. To obtain the best results through compounding, it is equally important to choose a pharmacy that not only specializes in this service, but also has the expertise and latest equipment, like Fairway Lackner Pharmacy.

For additional information about compounding services and Fairway Lackner Pharmacy, please feel free to visit their official website at www.rxrefill.ca or call (416) 677-2722 to speak with a pharmacist directly.  

About Fairway Lackner Pharmacy

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy was established in 2010 by pharmacist, Gurinder Brar after owning a Zellers Pharmacy in Cambridge for over 11 years. The store operates as a full-service pharmacy along with dedicated and comprehensive compounding services. At Fairway Lackner Pharmacy everyone enjoys building strong, trusting, and long-lasting relationships with each of their customers, while assisting them in making good health care choices.

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