FACTOR TECH s.r.o. has achieved Authorization as a Premier Virtual Asset Services Provider

FACTOR TECH s.r.o. has demonstrated dedication to innovation and compliance with Global Expansion on the horizon.

FACTOR TECH s.r.o., headquartered in the heart of the Czech Republic and led by the insightful guidance of CEO Francisco Vicente Maldonado Haro, proudly announces its recent authorization (Authorization No. 19458843) as a distinguished virtual asset services provider within the European Union. This remarkable achievement underscores FACTOR TECH’s unyielding commitment to innovation, security, and regulatory compliance, positioning the company as a paragon of trustworthiness and proficiency in the digital asset sector.

The meticulous authorization process pursued by FACTOR TECH stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to not only meet but exceed the rigorous requirements established by regulatory bodies. This accomplishment reflects FACTOR TECH’s adherence to the highest industry standards and its resolute commitment to providing exceptional value to its esteemed clientele.

Guiding FACTOR TECH’s journey is CEO Francisco Vicente Maldonado Haro, whose visionary leadership has paved the way for this significant milestone. The authorization granted by the Czech Republic reaffirms FACTOR TECH’s readiness to offer secure, efficient, and innovative virtual asset services while maintaining the utmost transparency in its operations.

The strategic significance of FACTOR TECH’s authorization cannot be overstated. With the company now empowered to operate as a virtual asset services provider, FACTOR TECH stands poised to revolutionize the digital asset landscape. Soon to be unveiled is “FACTOR WALLET,” an innovative digital wallet based on the Stellar platform, meticulously crafted for remittances and personal payments. The initial release of “FACTOR WALLET” will prioritize the European market, with the company’s sights firmly set on global expansion, a testament to its dedication to serving clients on a global scale.

Developed in collaboration with London-based Aeternum Tech LTD, the “FACTOR WALLET” application encapsulates FACTOR TECH’s commitment to excellence through strategic partnerships. For prospective investors seeking stability, growth, and forward-thinking solutions in the dynamic virtual asset sector, FACTOR TECH s.r.o. presents a compelling opportunity. The acquisition of this authorization underscores FACTOR TECH’s preparedness to embrace regulatory requirements while propelling innovation, a rare and potent combination promising enduring viability and credibility.

CEO Francisco Vicente Maldonado Haro enthusiastically shared his thoughts on this milestone. “The grant of this authorization fills us with immense pride, serving as a recognition of our relentless commitment to providing top-tier virtual asset services. As we advance, our unwavering focus remains on adhering to regulations and delivering unparalleled value, security, and trust to our esteemed clients.”

The authorization bestowed upon FACTOR TECH s.r.o., bolstered by the expertise of its leadership and the collaborative efforts with Aeternum Tech LTD, positions the company as a formidable player shaping the future of virtual asset services. Driven by innovation, regulatory compliance, and a global perspective, FACTOR TECH warmly invites prospective investors to partake in its journey of technological advancement, financial stability, and operational excellence.

For investor inquiries and further information, please contact Investor Relations at Email: investors@factor-wallet.com or visit Website: www.factor-wallet.com

About FACTOR TECH s.r.o.

FACTOR TECH s.r.o. is an authorized virtual asset services provider within the European Union (Authorization No. 19458843), granted by the Czech Republic under the visionary leadership of CEO Francisco Vicente Maldonado Haro. The company’s steadfast commitment to innovation, regulatory compliance, and strategic partnerships positions it as an alluring prospect for discerning investors seeking stability and growth opportunities in the dynamic digital asset sector. With the imminent launch of “Factor Wallet,” developed in collaboration with Aeternum Tech LTD, FACTOR TECH stands poised to spearhead the transformation of the virtual asset landscape, commencing in Europe and expanding its global presence.

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