Face Painting Kit Manufacturer Blue Squid Announces Rise to Top on Amazon with 5 Stars Rating

Quality & Value for Money Are Key to Success Says Face Painting Kit Manufacturer

In a statement today by Face Painting Kit manufacturer Blue Squid they announced how pleased they were with sales of their Face Painting Kit on the Amazon retail platform. They attributed the success of the product down to the quality and value for money the kit provided when compared to market leader Snazaroo. They also highlighted the fact that customers responses in the form of Amazon reviews had been overwhelmingly positive, giving the Face Painting Kit a coverted 5 Stars rating.

A spokesperson for Blue Squid commented, “We are extremely pleased with the progress of the Blue Squid Face Painting Kit. We have seen a continuing rise in sales and placement on Amazon taking us into the top pages for our category. The Amazon platform is all about quality and value and these mirror our own aims at Blue Squid.

Blue Squid is the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids. The Kit offers 12 color palettes of 8g to include red, green, blue, navy blue, yellow, black, orange, pink, purple, gray and white face paint and a silver glitter gel. The vibrant colors are cosmetic grade and contain high concentrations of food grade pigment that is FDA approved, hypoallergenic and paraben free. The Kit also includes both thick and thin brushes for application fine detail and wider coverage use. The kit comes in a sturdy case with hinged lid with all color palettes being kept in individual high quality containers.

The spokesperson continued, “The Amazon platform relies on informing customers through its customer testimonials. It’s what makes Amazon the biggest and best. So to be able to boast a consistent 5 Star rating is a big deal for us.”

Here are a few selected comments. You can read all comments at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CALWUYK

“What a kit!! So many colors! With the included brushes and online guide, you have everything you need to really have fun.”

“This stuff was amazing and a complete kit that I used to paint the kids for my summer dance camp. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to quickly paint kids faces and wants multiple colors. Much better than trying to find colors at Walgreens or halloween costume kits.”

“I live in a small town where they do something all the time. My kids love to have their face painted but every weekend was getting pretty pricey. I knew that I could do it myself, and when I saw this Face Paint Kit by Blue Squid, I knew that I had to try it. This paint is amazing, it is not one that you have to add water to because it is dried out, no this one is like paint, and glides on the skin. I have been painting the kids face daily having this and they look amazing. There are so many colors in this set that you can make anything you want. We search online to find fun ideas and then we try them out. I think that every mom should have one of these, the kids love it and you get to have fun with them. This also washes off rather easily. I used a washcloth and some soap and water and it all came right off. This would make a great Christmas gift to a whole family, they can paint their faces for games, school events, and so much more!”

The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids is available exclusively on the Amazon.com retail platform. For a limited period of time the kit may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Blue Squid is the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids. The kit may be purchased exclusively on Amazon USA.

For more information please visit their sales page: Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids or visit their website at http://www.bluesquid.org

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