Extreme Energy is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

“50-count packet display of Extreme Energy.”
Extreme Energy is a powerful energy pill carefully formulated to give hours and hours of clean, fast energy, focus, and stamina. Made with all-natural ingredients and vegan capsules, this “red packet” is a healthier alternative to other energy/caffeine supplements. Extreme Energy has been a fan-favorite product of Herbal Nitro since 1999.


Those days are dead and gone: the days when companies could put random ingredients into a pill and call it “natural.” Supplement company Herbal Nitro is rising to the standard and changing the energy supplement industry by releasing Extreme Energy, an all-natural, vegan energy pill into the market for health-conscience consumers to enjoy.

This is a big deal: natural energy formulas, that is. The FDA recently announced they’re strengthening their regulation of dietary supplements—and for good reason. The reality is, “[t]his generation of consumers read labels,” says Herbal Nitro CEO Dante Spano.” That’s why we made [Extreme Energy] 100% natural.”

There’s something… captivating about feeding your body natural ingredients. You feel like you’re doing your body a favor instead of sabotaging it. Consumers all across the nation are about to get that opportunity with Extreme Energy.

And this is exactly why we’re in this industry: To be able to give consumers guilt-free energy at a fair price. We want to spread our passion about natural ingredients to the convenience store industry, and help people make healthy decisions daily.

Does this natural pill work better?

Making this all-natural energy pill wasn’t a marketing spiel or sales pitch; instead, it was born out of our commitment to living natural, healthy lifestyles. In convenience stores, the chemical alternatives for energy abound—yet few natural alternatives exist.

But we believe consumers should have the autonomy over what they put in their body. We believe they should have healthier options.
Extreme Energy, filled with ingredients like Eleuthero Root, Panax & American Ginseng, Coffee Bean, and Yohimbe Bark that all work together synergistically, is that healthier alternative. Consumers get a powerful, long-lasting energy boost that our customers report lasts 6-7 hours; and when the energy wears out, it does so smoothly and gradually.

Of course, this is expected of an all-natural energy formula. After all, our bodies are designed for natural ingredients, not artificial garbage.
Since their launch in early January of 2019, Extreme Energy packets have already seen tremendous success, with store owners asking about the “red packet” that’s selling faster than its competition. This is exciting, because it means thousands of lives are being impacted.

Will Extreme Energy be a #1 seller?

Only time will tell, but the selling rate to date is nothing short of auspicious. If it continues at this rate, you may begin seeing convenience stores across the nation brandishing this red packet on their front counter to supply the demand.

Distributors should keep their eyes on Extreme Energy before their competitors beat them to it.

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