Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast by Michael C. Higgins is an Insider’s Travel Guide to Exploring the Wine Regions of the Central Coast of California

Michael C. Higgins’ Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast is a one-of-a-kind coffee-table book that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the wine regions of the central coast of California.

Michael C. Higgins, PhD is a multiple award-winning author, photographer, wine expert and the publisher of Flying Adventures magazine, a lifestyle travel publication for food and wine lovers who own and travel on private airplanes.

Higgins is the author of the Exploring Wine Regions book series, a one-of-a-kind series that incorporates the beauty of a quality coffee table piece, an elaborate travel guide, an inspiring wine education and spectacular photography. The book series has been recognized with numerous international literary awards including the Bookfest Best Travel Guide, the Book Excellence Winner for Best Photography Book, the IPPY Gold Medal for Best Travel Guidebook, the Independent Book Publishers Association Gold Medal for Best Travel Book, and more.

A multi-faceted talent, Higgins is also an accomplished photographer, capturing thousands of spectacular images of the wine world.

A sought-after expert in travel, food and wine connoisseurship, Higgins has been featured by national and international media publications including Forbes, Departures, The Chicago Tribune, Decanter, The Vancouver Sun, and more.

As a private pilot, travel enthusiast, and food and wine lover himself, Higgins continues to live the story he’s been sharing for decades. His goal is to inspire his readers to join him in exploring the wine regions of the world and experience the unbelievable and imaginable. This one-on-one interview shares Michael C. Higgins’ background and experience in writing Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast.

Tell us about Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast.

Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast is the third book in the award-winning Exploring Wine Regions series, exploring lesser-known areas of California’s wine regions.

Beyond the familiar Napa and Sonoma, the Central Coast Wine Regions are producing top-level, high-quality wines, and the tourism is extraordinary. This book takes you on a journey to discover these amazing wines; combining wine education with spectacular photography to create a never-before-seen insiders travel guide.

The book contains 436 full-color pages and over 800 photographic images, showcasing the regions of Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County (including Paso Robles) and Santa Barbara County. Extensive resources are provided for wine lovers who want to know where to go, what to look for, and how to discover their favorite wines by understanding the terroir.

What inspired you to write Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast?

Tourism along the central coast of California is unmatched. The beaches, mountains and valleys are ever so enchanting. The wineries are engaging, have lots of tourism activities available, and are especially inviting and friendly, unlike other wine regions. It’s not uncommon to find the vintner or winemaker at the tasting room wanting to share their stories and their love of wine with you.

The Central Coast is many times hidden in the shadow of Napa and Sonoma, when in fact, the Central Coast produces excellent wines, has great restaurants, and amazing tourism.

I want this book to bring to life the Central Coast as it deserves.

How did your background and experience influence your writing?

I have more than twenty years of experience participating in some of the most extraordinary experiences: from pruning vines, picking grapes, working alongside winemakers, to participating in blind tastings, food and wine pairings, judging Cru Bourgeois wines, and sharing many meals with world-renowned winemakers, over countless hours, discussing everything wine. My time in wine regions adds up to thousands of days and counting!

After years of publishing a travel magazine with food and wine articles in every issue, it was a natural step for me to write and publish books that focus on wine regions and all of their travel, food and wine experiences.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

The California Central Coast is an amazing place to travel to for excellent wines, incredible cuisine, beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, and simply the best wine tourism of California.

Purchasing the Book

A must-read for both wine experts and novices, Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast is available for sale at local bookstores, wineshops, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Nook, Google Play, and other online bookstores. Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today: https://www.ExploringWineRegions.com/Books

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