Exploring Creativity: Award-Winning CG Generalist Shares Insights on Animation Studio Festival

Exploring Creativity: Award-Winning CG Generalist Shares Insights on Animation Studio Festival

Exploring Creativity and Craft: Insights from a CG Generalist at the Animation Studio Festival

From your point of view, what makes a good CG Generalist?

Being a CG generalist means you need to be able to work on multiple parts of the production pipeline efficiently. It’s crucial to communicate effectively with team members who come before or after your part of the work. Plus, having a good eye for what looks great is key. 

How did you come up with the idea for your award-winning Apes in the Finery animation?

Hayley sketched a wonky little boy in her sketchbook, which sparked the inception of our main character and the start of the story. With the top of his head left unfinished in her drawing, a brainstorming journey began. Ultimately, we arrived at the idea of making him with a mechanical brain, which catalyzed our main storyline.

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

What was your main source of inspiration for this animation?

The story is set in a steampunk fantasy world, which was based on the concept that every character has a mechanic brain full of gears. We were highly inspired by the French animation short La Noria, the hyper-realism style amazed us. We blended hyper-realism with stylized environments and created this quirky world with a miniature charm. 

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

As the winner of the Animation Studio Festival, what does it mean to you or your team to receive this award distinction?

It was such an honor! This recognition fills us with immense encouragement and motivation to persist in our journey of creating artwork. We’re inspired to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new creative horizons.

Tell us a little bit about this piece of artwork.

Apes in the Finery is an animation short created with 3D software Maya, textured in Substance Painter, light, and rendered in Arnold. The story happens in a steampunk fantasy world where every character has a mechanic head. This is a world in which people judge others on “creativity”, which can be shown visually. Furthermore, people’s social status depends on their “creativity”.The main character, who has a poor quality of “creativity”, tries to become a normal person in the public view, the story unfolds from here.

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

What were the main challenges you faced during the creating process, and how did you overcome them?

Over the course of approximately one and a half years, we dedicated ourselves to bringing this animation to life. As we approached the final stages of production, fatigue, and diminishing excitement were common challenges, especially amidst repetitive tasks.

However, we learned the importance of perseverance during these tough times. It’s crucial not to lose sight of the finish line when the journey feels most arduous. Keep pushing forward nonetheless!

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

Where do you see the evolution of the animation industry going over the next 5-10 years?

The rise of indie animations gaining visibility through the power of social media signifies a burgeoning appetite for unique and creative content among audiences. As platforms continue to democratize access to creative endeavors, I am confident that the demand for innovative storytelling and distinctive concepts will only intensify. In this digital landscape, there’s an unprecedented opportunity for bold and imaginative creators to captivate audiences worldwide.

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

What do you think of the CG generalist career in the future?

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the role of a CG generalist necessitates a continuous commitment to learning and embracing novel ideas. As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, staying abreast of emerging trends and techniques is paramount to remaining competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital artistry. Embracing a mindset of perpetual growth and adaptation not only enhances one’s skill set but also ensures relevance and innovation in an ever-changing industry.

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