Expert MVP Tax Settlement Process Is Quick, Efficient And Successful In Resolving IRS Tax Issues

Columbus, Ohio – February 08, 2016 — Tax season is here and with it comes the headaches and stress of preparing and filing state and Federal income tax returns.  In addition to that, many people also have been or will be audited, or have the IRS pursuing them for collection of back taxes.  No one should face these critical tax issues alone.    

For these serious tax situations, the Sheppard Tax Group is pleased to announce its new MVP Tax Settlement Process.  This process is a unique system that includes an in-depth analysis of every client’s specific tax situation and estimates a Minimum Viable Payment that the IRS will accept, allowing for the settlement of the tax debt for the least possible amount.

“The key factor that sets us apart from other tax lawyers is our respect for every client’s particular situation,” said Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr., founder of the Sheppard Tax Group.  “We understand and care for every client’s unique situation and needs.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a positive experience resulting in successful resolution.  We provide our clients with viable options to address their situation and represent them to the best of our abilities.” 

The Sheppard Tax Group created the MVP Tax Settlement process based on years of experience gained during hundreds of successful negotiations with the IRS.  There are dozens of factors the IRS evaluates to determine potential settlements on tax debts.  The Sheppard Tax Group’s expert tax lawyers carefully examine all the details involved to determine the best settlement offer that the IRS is likely to accept. In addition to obtaining the lowest possible settlement amount, clients also receive additional MVP Settlement Process benefits when choosing the Sheppard Tax Group to negotiate their IRS tax issues.

  • Every client’s case is handled by a senior partner in the law firm.  Unlike other law firms that transfer cases to a paralegal, clients deal directly with a Sheppard Tax Group senior partner who has decades of IRS tax experience.
  • Once engaged with the case, clients no longer have to deal directly with the IRS –  no more intimidating phone calls or meetings with IRS agents.  All future communication goes through the Sheppard Tax Group.
  • The firm’s automated follow-up system ensures every case gets resolved quickly.  The streamlined case management system tracks every case through the entire process, with alerts and checkup points set at predetermined steps. This allows the firm to proactively request status updates from the IRS and stay on top of the process.

For more information on the MVP Tax Settlement Process, or to learn more about the Sheppard Tax Group, please visit the company’s website at or call +1-614-523-3106.

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The Sheppard Tax Group is a highly expert partnership of tax lawyers with many years of experience successfully negotiating settlements with the IRS.  Serving clients nationwide, the company strives to deliver the best results possible for every client.

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