Expert Family Law Litigator in Hallandale Beach

The Hallandale Beach family Law Firm is run by Cindy D. Sackrin, an experienced lawyer and Board-Certified Marital and Family Law attorney.  There are a number of differences between a civil or trial lawyer where Family Law is concerned.  Cindy D. Sackrin’s Hallandale Beach Law Firm has expertise in these cases.

An Expert in Child Custody

One of the most contested issues on the legal calendar is that of child custody in divorce cases.  Board certified since 1993, Cindy Sackrin’s experience in handling these difficult cases is incredible.  Should you be in another country and going through a custody battle with a general law practitioner, you may consider hiring a family law specialist in child custody matters.  Cindy Sackrin Law firm excels in time sharing disputes, for example in a divorce cases, a common issue in custody hearings.  Visitation rights, now referred to as time-sharing is a huge issue in divorce cases.  Cindy Sackrin will do everything possible to make sure that each parent now referred to as either the primary residential parent or secondary residential parent will have equal rights, legally.

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Child Support – Contested or non-contested

Another contentious issue where the law firm of Cindy D. Sackrin excels.  There are obligations which both parents need to be aware of.  Basic food and shelter, health insurance and education being among the primary things a child requires.  The services of a specialist are required here and Cindy Sackrin has the expertise to make sure your child/children have just this.  Since 1993, Cindy Sackrin has been involved in numerous cases of child support, some difficult and some 50/50 issues which are less arduous and in spite of that she has the highest level of recognition by the Florida bar.

Complex Family law Litigation

Wherever possible, Cindy Sackrin works to try to get the parties in a divorce case to negotiate a peaceful settlement however; this is not always the case.  There are many issues where the family has high worth or many property holdings and the possibility of business interests when the shares need to be valued and split.  Inheritances are also to be negotiated especially where the proceeds of a will may be left to both parties.  Her offices for these matters serve both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Another issue where there are hopes for a peaceful settlement.  This is rarely the case where money is concerned and most cases these issues have to go to court to have the matter settled by a judge.  There is always the situation where the spouse needs alimony and if the other party can pay it.  Complete statements of assets and liabilities need to be submitted to the court in the event of a non-agreement by the parties initially.  There is a Florida law chapter 61.08 which deals with this.  If you have any questions in the event of a court hearing for support contact Cindy Sackrin for a first free consultation.  Her offices also accept all major credit cards.

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