Experience the world’s first really multifunctional smart plug

11 October, 2018 – Welcome to the world of automation by CANNY, a cutting-edge technology allows its users to automate almost all the appliances in their homes conveniently. The days of manual switches are behind us.

CANNY Smartplug is an elegant, affordably priced wi-fi plug with numerous sensors, unconventional control and user-friendly programming that allows its users to control almost all appliances from their smartphones. CANNY Smartplug offers PC, smartwatch and even TV remote control as well.

It can configure the combination of selected sensors and timers via inbuilt graphical application programming in seconds. By so doing, it allows the plug to switch the appliances on and off automatically.

This magnificent technology is equipped with convenient built-in sensors like temperatures sensors, humidity sensors, light sensors, motion sensors, proximity sensors, and a timer. The application is available for all IOS, Android, MAC and Windows device.  With CANNY’s easy and affordable smart systems, there are no needs to have a central control hub. Users can now control their appliances any way they wish.

Because of its compact and modern design, CANNY Smartplug will not block adjacent sockets, so users can convert everyday appliances to smart devices without any disruption. Best of all is that this device is small and precise, featuring all the functionalities and sensors needed to turn user’s home into a truly smart space. CANNY Smartplug is very easy to set up: just turn the smart plug on, pair the application with it, and set up everything in the CANNY app. It is also compact and intelligently-designed. Its programming does not require deep technical skills.

It enables its users to control all their devices such as coffee machines, jug kettles, lamps, moistening appliances, heaters, irons, TV sets, and more devices, directly via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or even TV remote control.

One of the brilliant creators of this wonderful technology Patrik Dorosinyi says “No smart plug currently available in the market has any of the advanced features that we had been looking for. Thus, we put heads together and as a result, this unique product has come out- it has the potential to set trends in the area of smart homes.”

Together with his friends and programmers Dominik Oleksak and Marek Dubovsky, they hope to raise at least $44, 000 on Indiegogo to launch this project.  To support Canny Smartplug please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/canny-smartplug-flexible-simple-and-convenient#/

URL: https://canny.tech

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CANNY.tech

Indiegogo Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/canny-smartplug-flexible-simple-and-convenient#/   

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