Experience The Thrill Of Crazy Driving Game On Endless Roads

“Take crazy driving on endless road!”
The UbiNuri firm, based in Seoul, South Korea, has emerged as a leader in mobile game development and publishing that creates a gateway to the Korean market. The latest popular game app for Android offered through UbiNuri, “Crazy Road,”is destined for the same success with a novel design.

Crazy Road, features fun Lego®-like vehicles that invite you on a crazy road trip that never ends, but depends on your skill and quick thinking. Crazy Road players swipe left, swipe right and jump as they command their cars, dominating the journey as players compete for coins to play “gotcha” and unlock new cars. Your smart racing skills can help you pick up puzzle pieces that get you special upgraded cars as you celebrate becoming the best Crazy Road racer on the planet!

“There are a lot of race games out there, and there are a lot of puzzle games out there, but what’s unique about Crazy Road is that it combines the best features of both,” said Lena Kwon, publishing manager for UbiNuri. “It’s an easy enough game to be rated for and accessible to everyone, but if you want to be the world’s best racer it takes work, and the game demands an increasing skill level from players who have to be able to think strategically too.”

Crazy Road offers endless and addictive hours of fun, with a clean and user-friendly design. The graphics are appealing, the themes are popular, the app install is smooth and so is game operation.


  1. Simple user interface for men, women, and users of all ages

  2. Regular international tournaments with worldwide users are available

  3. Collecting cars offers highly addictive fun in this skilled race game

  4. As easy to learn as “Infinite Stairs”, with lots of strategic challenge added

  5. In-app purchases available

Device Requirements:

         Size: 43 M

         Operating System: Requires Android 4.0 and up 

Pricing and Availability:

Crazy Road is available for free at Google Play.

Downoad from Google Play

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UbiNuri Inc

Now UbiNuri is focused on publishing service of high quality mobiles games by Korean developers to the global market through strong world-wide network. Also, UbiNuri provides the world’s mobile game developers with critical services in the Korean market, including application localization and local support.

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