Experience the Definitive Anthem for the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo tag shook the world with a deluge of silence breakers from around the world, including celebrities and well known personalities. Artist and activist Al-x (Zandra) has now released a new music and picture video, ‘Fearless – the #MeToo Edition’ in support of the worldwide movementand to encourage more survivors to break their silence and work towards a better tomorrow.

‘Fearless’ is the definitive empowering anthem for the #MeToo’s, interspersed with figures and statistics on sexual harassment, rape and other forms of abuse that reveal the worsening state of the world when it comes to women’s safety and wellbeing.

“The message and momentum of the #MeToo Movement needs to continue! This ‘Fearless’ picture video is to support the #MeToo Movement and those who want to stand up for survivors and end sexual assault. We must keep providing information, and keep empowering survivors to come forward, to heal, to start feeling safe and to thrive! And of course to keep providing support for those who have experienced sexual harassment or assault,” says Al-x.

‘Fearless’ is clear in its messages, for women to know themselves, know that they’reenough, and that hope can sustain us as pain recedes and ends. The video also highlights the fact that being able to survive doesn’t mean what happened was okay and to be accepted.

Al-x, who also uses the alias Zandra, is a creative artist, writer and activist, living an unconventional life in Los Angeles. Passionate about creativity and expression, she has written over 350 songs covering virtually every aspect of pop music. She is a singer, composer, producer and lyricist, and her songs ‘Fantasy’, ‘Always’ and ‘Let’s Start Tonight’ have featured on The Young and the Restless.

With the new #MeToo edition of ‘Fearless’, Al-x wants the world to watch and share the video “so that they can be informed, engaged, empowered and inspired. I want to stress the importance of the movement for women, men and our society. Weneed to keep it going.” Al-x is seeking collaborations with organizations that are working to support the movement. She also encourages people to make their own videos to the song and tag them with #Fearlesstoo.

Watch onYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsp6Kq10pZU

For more information, please visit: www.alexmusicsite.com and www.zandraszone.com

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