EXOUS Bodygear’s New Ultra Lightweight Fabric Calf Compression Sleeves Proving to be a hit on Amazon.com

Sports fitness brand EXOUS Bodygear recently launched their new ultra lightweight calf compression sleeves which help reduce the time for muscle recovery after exercise. Weighing only 0.6oz per sleeve the lightweight design provides muscle recovery and calf muscle support weighing typically 35% less than standard generic calf sleeves. The product was introduced on amazon.com and has already become a top seller in the first week of sales.

Calf compression sleeves are designed to aid the body’s post recovery after exercise by improving venous return and circulation providing fresh oxygenated blood and removing toxins and waste products caused by intense exercise which are mitigating factors for the ‘tired ‘ or aching muscles the next day.  The sleeves also provides some mild support to the muscle belly giving more confidence to push hard and helps minimize injury by providing a layer of protection in the form of the compression.

“It’s like wearing silk, the calf sleeves are proving to be a hit with all individual, whilst we aim to make them the best they can be for serious sports and recreational enthusiasts such as marathon runners and all top level athletes we are finding it has a broad appeal to all people wanting to free help treat simple tired legs from a hard days work. The lightweight feel and function they give is something any woman, man, or athlete will definitely want” Mannie Kaur Brand manager had said.

The calf sleeves are engineered to have more compression at the bottom of the sleeve near the ankle and less at the top near the knee. This gradient is the reason why they have the positive effects on recovery and keeping the calf muscles in good condition post workout. You can find out more about how the calf sleeves work on their Calf compression sleeve video on you tube. The calf sleeves are also made with 3 accommodating sizes that will help individuals get a perfect fit:

•    Size small- medium fits calf sizes 12-15”
•    Size medium – large fits calf sizes 15-18”
•    Size large- Xlarge fits calf sizes 18-21”

The Brand has offered a special promotion to mark the launch of their new compression calf sleeves on amazon.com with a 40% discount for a limited time only for the next week use coupon code: EXO45CCS at the checkout to enjoy the special promotion.

About EXOUS Bodygear

EXOUS Bodygear are a sports and fitness brand dedicated to making high-quality functional products that meet the needs of the consumer. Our brand ethos is “different by design” we love making new and exciting products that have been designed to offer more function, features and value to what is in the marketplace already.

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