Executor Duties on Demand Simplifies the Executor’s Role in Closing an Estate

The firm provides individuals and families throughout the GTA and the Southern Golden Horseshoe with professional executor services, and a spectrum of other estate-related services!

March 10, 2016 – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – Michèle Follows, CEO of Executor Duties on Demand is pleased to announce that her firm is now offering professional executor services to the residents of Southern Ontario that simplify executor (or estate trustee), trustee and power of attorney duties ( for both property and personal care) through hands on support, coaching and consultation. The company specializes in simplifying the estate administration process and can cater to anyone, regardless of the size of the estate.

Many people are unaware of the full responsibilities that an Executor has. In addition to the risk of personal liability and the possibility of legal action for inappropriate handling of the estate, there are over 400 time-consuming tasks that need to be performed. We can simplify it for you and make sure all of your duties are covered. Our team is comprised of chartered accountants, tax specialists and trust lawyers, who will ensure you have the right information and that you are correctly fulfilling your responsibilities. It will cost your estate the same to appoint a family member or a friend as it will to hire a professional administrator – so why not take the burden off of your loved ones and hire professional help,” says Michèle Follows.

Acting as the executor on an estate can be both an honor and encumbrance depending on the estate and the complexity of issues that arise. As a matter of fact, estate law can be perplexing for anyone who hasn’t had to deal with it before. Not only can it be time consuming, at times overwhelming, but it carries significant legal responsibilities as well. Hence, it becomes quite crucial for an executor of a will to hire professionals like “Executor Duties on Demand” who can guide throughout the whole process and help save time, money and get peace of mind.  An executor’s responsibility is to ensure that the estate is properly administered, not to necessarily do all of the work themselves.

Specifically, some of the key benefits of hiring Executor Duties on Demand are:

• All of their services are charged on an hourly basis so clients will only pay for the services that they use, and can choose as much or as little as they need.   This provides cost savings and allows any size estate to be administered.

• They compliment client’s current estate professionals – so clients can keep their current advisors such as lawyer, accountant and investor.  Alternatively, clients can use even use Executor Duties on Demand’s compliment of estate professionals to ensure that all of their estate needs are met.

• Their model allows clients to make all of the final decisions while they do all of the leg-work on their client’s behalf. Alternatively, they can take over as estate trustee or power of attorney over property or personal care – should the need arise.

• They also do estate or trust accounting and ensure that their clients have proper record keeping.

For more information, or to request a free consultation, simply visit: http://executordutiesondemand.ca/

About Executor Duties on Demand

Founded by Michèle Follows (CA, CPA, CEA, Controller and CFO), Executor Duties on Demand is a unique firm that specializes in providing professional executor services at an affordable price. A unique combination of creativity and experience allows the professionals at Executor Duties on Demand to come up with simple solutions to a variety of estate and accounting related issues. Michèle Follows is available for media appearances and interviews.

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