Exclusive interview with music artist Sung Eun Choi, whose music was ranked on top in the iTunes New Age chart

Sung Eun Choi is a multitalented music artist, lyricist, composer, and vocalist. He made a debut with his song “Let me Stop” in 2013 and since then, he has released songs like “Let Me Stop”, “I love Hip Hop”, “Spring Waltz” and “Sad Piano”. He prefers addictive and bright songs, and his New Age gives him warmth and comfort. His tracks Sad Piano and Spring Waltz were loved in many European countries and ranked on the iTunes New Age chart several times. He likes to experiment with many genres, but his favorite one is hip hop. He is also planning a few collaborations with other talented artists in the hip hop genre.

In this exclusive interview, Sung Eun Choi talks about his journey as a musician so far, latest tracks and upcoming projects:

Interviewer: What inspired you to choose music as a career?

Sung Eun Choi: I liked music since I was young. I like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and I have grown up my dream by watching hip-hop music such as 2PAC Puff Daddy. I thought I should do music myself, not content to listen to it at any moment. Singing on a great stage and breathing with the audience seemed cool.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your journey in the music industry so far?

Sung Eun Choi: From hip-hop music to electronic new age, he has been playing diverse music and has taken on new challenges, not limited to genre, and is a musician who can write lyrics and compose by himself, which is not uncommon in the pop world, and has contributed to the music industry.

Interviewer: What is the inspiration behind your debut track “let me Stop”?

Sung Eun Choi: I was inspired by many entertainers and aspiring people who broke up with me while dancing with music.

Interviewer: Apart from Hip Hop, what other genres of music you’re interested in?

Sung Eun Choi: New Age

Interviewer: What can the audience expect from your track “SpringWaltz”?

Sung Eun Choi: You can expect to indulge in sad love, heartbreaking sorrow and deep thought

Interviewer: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Sung Eun Choi: I want to do various music regardless of genre, and I want to do music at its basic center that gives joy to audiences who deliver energy of various moods such as bright, exciting, cheerful and sad.

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