Exciting Riding Needs the Protection of Airwheel C6 Intelligent Motorcycle Helmet

Although electric bikes are getting more and more popular, motorcycle riding still receives some people’s love. It can be said that riding motorcycle is kind of another feeling. Surely motorcycle is faster than bike and need to be more careful when riding. Therefore, a good helmet is a necessity. Here we recommend Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmets.

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Speeding along the city roads and lights, cool guys must feel so good and exciting by riding motorcycle. But more importantly, they had better wear some protective kit like kneecap, gloves and helmet etc. in case of any emergency happening. Speaking of helmet for motorcycle, this editor recommends the newly released Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmets for you as it is especially developed for motorcycle riding users.

C6 cool motorcycle helmet

First thing first, safety is the top priority. Regarding C6 smart motorcycle helmet, the selection of material for the surface shell is of great importance. It adopts the ABS material, which has the advantages of high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, it uses America imported foaming EPS as its inner lining material. Together with the adjustable head girt size, it is comfortable to wear. Moreover, when the lighting is insufficient, the caution light in the rear of C6 will keep flashing to alarm the vehicles or pedestrian behind you.

Airwheel C6 open face helmet

Except the material protection, C6 cool motorcycle helmet has two basic functions for safeguarding the riding, one is the phone call answering function and another is the function of music playing. To be surprised, users who wear C6 can have a clear call by just clicking the answer key so that the hands can be freed for driving it safely and steadily. Plus, high quality Bluetooth speaker installed in C6 makes it possible to listen to music even if you are riding. This adds more fun for your travelling.

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Obviously, photo or video shooting function is another aspect for showing Airwheel C6 open face helmet’s amazing. 120° large view of the intelligent accompanying camera will leave you a good memory of what you’ve experienced. What’s more, users can share the satisfied photos or videos with their friends through social media thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi transmission function. Anyway, Airwheel C6 will give you double protection and double fun for your motorcycling.

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