Ex-Chairman of Food Subsidy Committee Wrecks Daughter\’s Future by Dolores Achterkirch – How One Woman with Few Choices Learned How To Create a Better Life

Westland, MI – If there is one thing everyone is seeking, it’s a good life with beneficial choices and opportunities. But what happens when our choices don’t lead us to a better life? The autobiography “Ex-Chairman of Food Subsidy Committee Wrecks Daughter’s Future” by Dolores Achterkirch is such a story.

This autobiography memorializes how one woman developed personal resilience when confronted by insensitivity and cruelty—a story that is as timely today as it was when the author grew up decades ago. Dolores Achterkirch’s father was an official for Franklin Roosevelt. As respected and powerful as he was, her father was also a harsh, judgmental figure with little patience for a seventeen-year old daughter who, like girls then and now, struggled with self-identity while on the verge of adulthood. Ms. Achterkirch’s autobiography is best described as a story about overcoming the odds we all face at seventeen and beyond.

The author writes about how no choice is free of consequences, how escaping one problem can often entrap one in another unexpected outcome. Still, one doesn’t necessarily succumb to their circumstances. Instead, hope for change can empower us to open what we once thought were locked doors. “Ex-Chairman of Food Subsidy Committee Wrecks Daughter’s Future” delivers an important message that is as vital today as when the author was seventeen—that we must listen to others without judgment and preconceptions. This is the real key to not only a good life, but to an ethical life. As the author rightly believes, because words can be used as tools or weapons, they should always be chosen carefully.

Although the author’s early choices had painful outcomes that affected her children and reduced her to indigency for a time, her message to the modern reader is life affirming. By sharing the intimate details of her own story, the author reminds every reader of how little we know of life at seventeen and how we must forgive ourselves for our ignorance in order to re-discover the choices and opportunities that are our birthright. And that’s what Dolores did.

About the author:

Dolores Achterkirch lived with her parents until she was 17 when an argument with her father profoundly altered the course of her life. It took the author three years to write “Ex-Chairman of Food Subsidy Committee Wrecks Daughter’s Future.” Now that she is eighty-three and her autobiography is published, Ms. Achterkirch hopes that others will enjoy her story and learn from her life experiences.

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