Excelify.io: A Game-Changing App For Bulk Import, Export & Updating of Data For The New Shopify E-Commerce Store Owners

The Ultimate E-Commerce Store Migration App For Those Who Want to Move to Shopify Seamlessly

November 21, 2017: Excelify.io has proudly announced the launch of its Shopify App, which is now available online at the App Store. E-Commerce store owners around the world are already moving towards Shopify and this app will simply make that job much easier. For the bulk import, export and updating of their e-commerce store data, they will be able to use this remarkable app that will ultimately help them in saving a great deal of time, money and resources.

“This app is for all the E-Commerce Store owners worldwide who are moving to the great e-commerce platform of Shopify and this app will make that migrating to Shopify much easier than before.” said the spokesperson of Excelify.io, while introducing the new app. “Especially if you have a big store with lots of Products, Collections, Discount codes, existing Customers, this app will come in handy to help you save a lot of trouble.” he added.

The app simply enables store owners to use Excel files for the import, export or updating of their store data and metafields. Large store owners often find it a daunting task to move to Shopify, but this is now being made possible with this incredible app that is packed with features. Similarly, those Shopify Partners who help store owners to migrate to Shopify will also be able to take full advantage of this app to make the job much easier.

“This is the best app to use for Shopify uploading and updating and support for this app is probably the best I have ever had, so I would definitely recommend this to any Shopifier.” Said one of the user in his review, while talking about the app. The number of 5-star reviews for the app are increasing each day as more people are downloading it to manage their Shopify stores.

Besides the owners of large Shopify stores, the app will also be helpful for the Shopify Plus stores, who need to bulk update their store data. The most amazing part about this updating is that the app will facilitate bulk update while keeping the existing store data intact. The impacts of this app on the rapidly growing e-commerce industry will be phenomenal and store owners will be able to expand the size and reach of their online stores with ease by capitalizing on the ever growing Shopify e-commerce platform.

To get the app today, please visit the link below: https://apps.shopify.com/excel-export-import

To find out more, please visit: https://excelify.io or contact Maris Viede via Email: maris@excelify.io

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