EveryLibrary Responds to Matt Bevin’s Kentucky Budget Proposal to Defund Kentucky Libraries

Kentucky Budget for Fiscal Year 2019 Would Devastate Schools, Libraries and Communities Across the State

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed budget would eliminate state funding for libraries across the Bluegrass State. Along with over 70 other programs, Governor Bevin’s  proposed cuts to libraries would be harmful to every community in Kentucky and be catastrophic for a few. At EveryLibrary, we do not support Governor Bevin’s efforts to curb the educational attainment for our children or the economic prosperity of our communities by cutting libraries. We are calling on Kentuckians from all walks of life to support their libraries and tell their legislators in Frankfort to reverse Governor Bevin’s drastic cuts.

Please visit action.everylibrary.org/kentucky to make your voice heard.

In the counties of Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman and Elliot, libraries collect 90% of their funding from the state and under the current budget. Libraries there would be forced to reduce hours or even shut down. In some of these communities, their libraries are only open for three hours a day for five days a week. Eliminating state funding for libraries would mean many other libraries could face cut backs or closure. This budget cut would greatly impact the communities in which they are essential pillars of education and development. 

By cutting state funding to Kentucky libraries, Governor Bevin is stripping children of their access to books and resources that enable them to grow as influential and worldly citizens. Perhaps most importantly, by limiting their access to knowledge, he is setting them up for a lifetime of economic toil and difficulty.

We are encouraging all Kentuckians to stand up for their local libraries and email their representatives in Frankfort at action.everylibrary.org/kentucky. We want to ensure all libraries across Kentucky are funded so they can remain open and serve as hubs of education and development in every Kentucky community.

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