Eventa Exhibitions Rethinks Exhibition Stands for Maximum Impact by Crafting Customized Experiences

Eventa Global Exhibitions is redefining custom exhibitions and bespoke installations with sustainable, functional design.

Eventa Exhibitions, a leading team of designers, project managers, and build experts, is revolutionizing the world of custom exhibitions and bespoke installations. With a track record of delivering exceptional value to clients globally, Eventa Global Exhibitions is redefining the industry by creating meaningful experiences through their turnkey services that turn heads.

Headquartered in The Colemore building in central Birmingham, Eventa operates globally, leveraging a strong supplier network to ensure top-notch execution. With over 15 years of experience in exhibition, interior design, and delivery, Eventa Exhibitions has established itself as a trusted partner for clients seeking innovative and impactful solutions.

One of the customers of Eventa Exhibitions said, “Designing our exhibition stand was an important investment for our brand. I am glad we chose Eventa Exhibitions to help us design a bespoke stand that perfectly showcased our products which helped us attract new customers and partners.”

Its commitment to Sustainable Functional Design is at the heart of Eventa’s approach. While catering to aesthetic and marketing goals, the company advises clients on incorporating functional elements into their projects. Moreover, Eventa prioritizes using sustainable materials and reusing structural elements, contributing to environmental protection. Their dedicated research team constantly designs new products, equipping the exhibitions industry with sustainable tools for the future.

“We believe that every space should tell a story,” says Ahmed Elkest from Eventa. “By understanding our client’s wants and needs, we gain valuable insights into their vision and desired outcomes. Through a human-centered design approach, we visualize the experience their space will offer, crafting bespoke experiences that resonate with their brand and values.”

One of Eventa’s distinguishing factors is its Agile project management methodology. This approach ensures high team dynamics and adaptability to changing circumstances and facilitates prompt client feedback. Creating a flexible and efficient problem-solving process, Eventa ensures that every project is delivered precisely and excellently.

Talking to the media, Ahmed Elkest from Eventa Exhibitions shared why it is essential to get custom designs for exhibition stands.

“Undoubtedly, an exhibition stand is one of the most crucial aspects for success in any trade show or exhibition. The exhibition stand is a physical representation of a brand at any event. To make a lasting impression, it is important to have it customized as per your unique brand. It also brings visibility when an exhibition stand is visually appealing, creating an allure similar to a chemical reaction between stand design elements, graphics, lighting and interactive displays. The Exhibition stand must be functional and efficient and to achieve that, it has to be tailored to the company’s needs.”

Adding to the importance of sustainability, Ahmed said “An exhibition stand should be designed with sustainability in mind, using materials, design elements, and operational efficiency that minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of the stand. This can help to enhance your brand’s reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.”

Technology plays a crucial role in Eventa’s solutions. They leverage the latest technologies to enhance interactivity and create engaging experiences that align with their client’s goals. Their commitment to onsite installation and support ensures seamless integration of various elements within tight timelines, allowing for quick and efficient issue resolution.

Eventa’s services span various areas, including custom exhibition stands, exhibition stands installation and design, showroom, reception, and office displays, event branding and graphics, exhibition graphics, event services, and graphic design. With a focus on outstanding designs, quality builds, and competitive pricing, Eventa aims to stand out in the industry as the go-to agency for high-quality designer exhibition stands that exceed clients’ expectations.

“We are a young agency, but our rapid growth is a testament to our outstanding service, talent, and years of experience,” adds Ahmed. “Our goal is to be recognized as the premier agency for delivering customized exhibition stands that fulfill our client’s unique requirements.”

Eventa’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction sets them apart in the exhibitions and installations industry. As they continue pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities, Eventa is poised to shape the future of custom experiences.

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About Eventa Exhibitions:

Eventa Global Exhibitions (Registered name EVENTA LTD) is a dynamic team of designers and project managers redefining the world of custom exhibitions and bespoke installations with their sustainable, functional design approach. With a track record of delivering exceptional value globally, they create meaningful experiences that turn heads and inspire clients to return for more.

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