Event Management Platform Canapii Announces New Subscription Packages, Along with Pricing Plans, to Fit All Event Needs

Virtual events have been on the rise since the technology for them became available. The adoption of online event management platforms has remodeled the way people connect and engage across the world. As part of this transition, Canapii leads the way by providing event organizers with tools and solutions to manage all types of events.

Following the successful launch of its free event service back in January, Canapii continues its expansion with the announcement of new packages and pricing models. The new subscription model will enable all event organizers to create and manage events, all in one place.

Eleanor Martin, Co-Founder at Canapii, supports the introduction of these new pricing plans and packages, commenting, “The launch of our new subscription services will allow Canapii users to streamline their event organization at the lowest possible cost”.

Regardless of which package they choose, Canapii users are now able to host an unlimited number of events, with full access to all tools, features, and resources. The difference between each package will be based on the size of the events being hosted (measured in the number of registrations), the number of people who can be on the organizing team, and the event’s length (measured in days.) 

To learn more about the Canapii subscription options, please visit here.

The Canapii subscription packages offer users unique solutions to manage in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, at an affordable price, without compromising quality, efficiency, delivery, and customer service. Most other event management platforms charge per event or use other pricing models that are too costly.

Canapii is transforming the event management industry by offering friendly pricing that increases profitability and encourages deeper engagement. They know the future of events will be a mixture of in-person and virtual events, and they are prepared to help event organizers adjust so they can maximize the value from this emerging trend.

Canapii’s event management software is used for organizing all types of events, whether that is conferences, board meetings, webinars, interactive podcasts, press briefings, online trainings, workshops and so much more. The technology that powers Canapii is delivered by professionals and executives with years of experience in events management.

The event management software supports visual meetings in HD quality video and audio streaming for desktops and mobile devices. It also promotes audience engagement using chats, comments, notifications, chatbots, live questions, and gamification. Almost everything is automated, including registration, travel arrangements, personal agendas, and meeting approval systems built into the platform.

The interface is highly intuitive to use, which justifies the self-service subscription model. Both organizers and attendees can easily connect and interact across the platform. Content is consumed, meetings are scheduled, and engagement levels are maintained. There are also tools which allow for some customization and branding. Organizers can create custom event logos, labels, and domains, while the analytics tool monitor event engagement and progress in real-time.

Canapii provides other features and services that are not available on similar platforms. They have a global reach, so anyone from almost anywhere in the world can use the platform for their events. Integrated video conferencing, live stream and on-demand content, polls and surveys, agenda builder, and breakout rooms are all powerful features built within their platform that increase engagement at an event. They also offer AI-powered live translation features available for over 17 languages, making the platform extremely inclusive.

With Canapii’s affordable subscription plans, individuals, event agencies, and corporate event planners don’t have to do one-off events anymore. They can organize an event series to continuously engage their audience, with one login and on the same platform.

Canapii’s customer service team is available 24/7 to assist users with any issues they may have. No matter the size of the event or the location, the team and the platform can handle it.

For more information, please visit www.canapii.com.

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