Evangelist Malachi is Preaching the Gospel, and Partnering with Local Churches and Businesses to Advance the Kingdom of God

Few people have the courage and drive needed to selflessly dedicate themselves for their religion. This is why Evangelist Malachi and his wife Angel are known to be among the most passionate preachers of the Gospel. The couple have been preaching and studying the Word of God for over 10 years. With the goal of having everyone with breath come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, they strive to spread their teachings and Christian values. 

The couple also owns and operates a digital business development firm. The firm largely focuses on acquiring market share for the growth and development mechanisms. With how COVID-19 has affected businesses, Malachi and Angel believe that it is their duty to assist business owners during this difficult period. The Orlando evangelist who is a part of the deland Florida ministry states that he believes it is imperative to make sure that his fellow brethren are not facing hardships during this time. 

As a result, they recently announced a new partnership with local churches and businesses. Through their teamwork, Evangelist Malachi hopes to advance the kingdom of God, while providing aid to struggling business owners. They further offer assistance to learners through their online blogs and YouTube videos. Their content is useful for people who are interested in learning more teachings from the Orlando Church or would like to get in touch with an Orlando evangelist school. 

The couple have successfully aided many businesses through their partnerships and wish to continue progressing further in the way of God. They believe that through the help of their community and with God’s guidance, they will be able to advance His Kingdom and help many more people find the right path in life. 

About Evangelist Malachi Makin:

Malachi Makin and his wife Angel have been preaching and studying the Word of God for over 10 years. They have two amazing children, Jedidiah and Josiah; Sons of thunder. They believe in Holy Spirit led ministry with full authority and power purchased for them by the blood of Jesus. Their mission is to have everyone with breath come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and with such, enter boldly to the throne of Grace. They also own and operate a digital business development firm. The firm helps other business professionals develop systems of lead generation.

For more information: www.malachimakin.com

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