Euronin simplicity in cryptocurrency payments in normal life

The idea of the company is very simple, let people pay with cryptocurrencies for their daily lives. This is a milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in adapting to the everyday life of our lives in Europe. The thesis that customers want to pay in cryptocurrencies is undeniable. This is shown by the market of payment necks which, after a few currency conversions and costs, allow you to pay anywhere, and a situation such as a war that makes it impossible to withdraw money from your bank account.

The whole problem lies in the very high costs of transactions by the payment card and the non-standard legal structures in Europe with regard to such payments. Sellers would be very happy to allow buyers to pay with currency if they were sure that it would be legal, tax and accounting compliant and would not expose them to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. This is where Euronin comes in. It takes all these worries of sellers of products or services by being the third party to this entire transaction. When the buyer wants to pay with cryptocurrencies, the seller will give him the code.

QR to transfer usdt in the solana network. the buyer sends the mentioned amount and the solana network ensures its fast and cheap transfer. The only currency exchange that is in the entire transaction is from USD to EURO. Having companies in every European country, he intends to have accounts in every European bank to always have an account in the same bank as the seller to provide him with money quickly and cheaply on his bank account. Thus, the transferred euro to euronins is debited from the account in the same bank as the seller has and in real Czech it is in his bank account. The entire transaction is very cheap and takes less than a minute. We see the need for such transactions more in crisis situations, such as war or problems of our banks.

Cryptocurrencies are not blocked and we do not have to wait in lines to ATMs to withdraw our own funds or ask banks to withdraw their own money. A simple idea makes the whole transaction unique and necessary. at this stage, Euronin begins to enter the CEX exchanges and develop a payment platform in Europe. It has registered companies and open offices to recruit employees. According to the plans, the company’s expansion will start at the end of Q3. Soon company will be at every exchange and in every shop in Europe #EURONIN




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