Euro Plugs Offers Wide Range Of Power Strips And Plug Adapters At Affordable Rates

18 Feb, 2016 – Europlugs, the well known and reliable manufacturer of electrical products have now broadened its range of power strips and plug adapters while offering them at affordable prices.

Europlugs has earned quite a reputation for offering high quality electrical products as each one is tested for safety and is offered with a country specific design to cater to the electrical needs of consumers across the globe. If you are planning to build a home or office in another part of the globe and wish to invest in some plug adapters, sockets and power strips that will work well with that country’s electrical design then make sure that you visit the site at immediately to shop without leaving the comfort of your home.

Electrical products have become a vital part in your life as your whole day relies on them. Hence, if you buy some low quality products then it might cause some unfavourable accidents which might be sometimes fatal. Hence it is always wise to invest in high quality goods offered by a reliable supplier like Europlugs. This company makes sure that the safety of your home, shops, businesses or office is their responsibility by offering only durable goods that are worth the money you spend on them.

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Being the pioneer in the electrical goods industry, they have put an end to the electrical hassles by inventing the Wonpro Universal Power Adapters which includes a range of Universal Plug adapters, Universal receptacles and Universal power strips. If you are keen to purchase some high quality electric products for your home or office then make sure that you check the link at

You can find an array of IEC C7 power cords such as C7-105, C7-111C, C7-107, C7-116, C7-116N and C7 109C. This website link also features the chart of various plugs with the insert design for the plugs of various countries such as USA, England, Russia, Taiwan, Germany, Egypt, New Zealand, Italy and South Africa.

You can also check out the details of the plug adapters you wish to purchase based on your region by clicking on the link at:

The chart features the list of TruAmp Universal Plug Adapters such as EA – 5, EA – 6, EA – 21, EA – 9, EA – 7, EA – 16, EA – 11A, EA – 12 and EA – 16 of 125 V and 250 V along with the respective rated amp and tested amp details. The chart also provides details about the tested time for each plug and the rise in temperature for each to guide you make a well informed buying decision.

About Europlugs:

Europlugs is a prominent player in electrical sector and has been involved in this business for many years. It has earned the trust of more than millions of customers across the globe and is the inventor of the much touted Wonpro Universal Power Adapters. 

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