‘Ethics Esthetics Economy’ Forum held at the European School of Economics, Milan

“Founder and President of ESE, Elio D’Anna.”
Renowned Italian philosopher, Diego Fusaro, graced the stage accompanied by journalist Paolo Brambilla and the ESE faculty members

Milan, Italy – European School of Economics (ESE) recently held a forum discussion on the topic “Ethics Esthetics Economy”. The forum generated a lot of interest, because of the relevance of the subject being discussed and the distinguished speakers who participated in it. Among those on the stage were the prolific Italian philosopher, Diego Fusaro, highly respected journalist and ESE Professor, Paolo Brambilla, and ESE Dean, Professor Gianni Demichelis. Hosting the event was the Founder and President of ESE, Elio D’Anna.

ESE understands that it is the responsibility of the schools to make their students realize their innate need for aesthetic fulfillment. There is a growing trend among the today’s designers to ignore symbolism, meaning, and the context offered by the two of them. Schools are the perfect place to equip the budding artists with critical thinking. They can learn to think and simultaneously question everything new that they are taught. But, most importantly, schools can help students develop the design skills they need to empower themselves and become agents of positive change.

This forum discussion was held as a part of the constant endeavor of ESE to help their students develop a well-rounded personality. As the ESE Founder and President, Elio D’Anna, puts it, “The European School of Economics believes that the wealth of an economy is only a rough reflection of its ethics and that a society is as rich and healthy as its system of values. The European School of Economics believes in a caring, stable and happy society, based on the responsibility of its leaders. For this reason, ESE has staked everything on the individual’s spirit and on its preparation. Because only the individual can transform society and improve it.”

A well-known TV personality and curator of Filosofico.net, Fusaro brought an interesting take to the whole discussion of ethics and esthetics. His views are highly influenced by thinkers like Antonio Gramsci and Karl Marx. On the forum, he talked about the fine line between ethics and esthetics. According to him, while the ancient world understood the interconnected nature of ethics and esthetics, the same is not true for the modern world.

ESE Dean, Professor Gianni Demichelis, and Paolo Brambilla also talked about the importance of morality in the society and how morality is the fuel that keeps an economy running.

It was a successful event that generated a lot of diverse views from the panelists as well as the audience. ESE conducts such events regularly that spark discussions and help students get a better understanding of the real world before they step into it.

All the information about the upcoming events is available on the ESE website: www.europeanschoolofeconomics.com

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