Ether Goddess: The Next Big NFT project

Ether Goddess: The Next Big NFT project
Revolving Around the Theme of Goddess on Ethereum Blockchain, the Ether Goddess project is launching with a supply of 5,000 unique NFTs. Minting starts: May 21, 2022.

Ether Goddess is a PFP NFT project with AI-Generated Names and Lores based on a celestial theme. The initial collection comprises 5,000 unique Goddesses with more than 200 traits. $Faith is the utility token for the Ether Goddess project. It is scheduled for minting on May 21, 2022, at a steal price of 0.08 ETH.


The flurry of headlines surrounding NFTs and the technology’s rapid adoption throughout many aspects of our lives has led some to ask what precisely an NFT is. Even though some aspects of the technology are difficult to grasp, NFTs and other blockchain-based technology are transforming the way the world interacts with art. An NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token, which means it is irreplaceable and unique. Unlike bitcoins, which are fungible and not distinctive due to many bitcoins in circulation. The Ether Goddess is the most promising celestial-based NFT project with deep integration with cutting-edge AI technology.

AI-Generated Names and Lores

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates intelligent machines that can accomplish activities that usually need human intelligence. The Ether Goddess project uses it to generate names for NFTs. Each EG NFT will have its very own NFT name and lore. Their custom AI engine will randomly generate those using the OpenAI GPT3 API. And if, for some reason, the holder isn’t happy with the AI name, they will have the option to visit the Shrine on the EG website and re-roll them with $Faith Token.

$Faith Token

NFT holders can acquire the $Faith token by staking their Ether Goddess NFTs. In addition, the token will be rewarded to active participants of various events, games, and giveaways on Discord and Twitter.

The token will have expansive future utilities, for example, the Gacha system, re-rolling names & lore, sacrificing gifts to increase affinity with the Goddesses, and more.

Gacha System

With the accumulated $Faith token, holders will be able to pull the Gacha that contains various random rewards, such as:

– Ether Goddess NFT and special edition 1/1s.

– Another project’s NFT.

– Traits to fuse with the NFT.

– Random amount of ETH.

– Random amount of $Faith token.

The project introduces seasonal Gacha to keep things fresh. This limited-time Gacha will include new hand-drawn attributes and will be accessible just for a short time. This seasonal Gacha might include unique & special background, clothing, or even a completely new layer available only through Gacha.

Roadmap of the Project

Aside from the token and Gacha mentioned before, Ether Goddess will also introduce many different future utilities.

The plan includes:

– Shrine & Affinity system to let holders interact and get closer to their Goddess

– Lore expansion via new stories and manga

– Expansions NFT like Ether Gods. Holders of two or more Ether Goddess NFTs will be able to mint expansion NFTs for free.

– DAO & original merchandise


Ether Goddess is led by an experienced FAANG engineer who will develop the smart contract and the AI for the project. They are leveraging some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology in their mission to build this project.

The artist, Moonieashy, has been creating original art for many years with a unique style. She has also been involved with the creation of other NFT projects.

The globally distributed moderation team comprises community managers to engage Discord and Twitter followers with constant games and contests.

For more details and information, visit Ether Goddess Whitepaper.


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