Esther Calloway’s ‘The 61 day Challenge to Better Habits’ set to create new life-transforming challenge trend

Accomplished Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker, Esther Calloway, has released her much-anticipated self-help book titled: “The 61-day Challenge to Better Habits: How to transform your life one habit at a time”.

The internet and social media spaces are rife with challenge trends originated by celebrities, most of which are either whimsical, vapid or overwhelmingly valueless. To break this trend, Esther Calloway is looking to get more people to take the challenge and build better habits for 2021. It wasn’t designed as a New Years’ resolution challenge; rather, it’s a challenge that helps build sustainable habits that last for a lifetime.

Samuel Johnson once quipped that “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” In the 61 Day Challenge to better habits, Esther Calloway walks her readers through a day by day process that will help them develop at least one healthy new habit every 61 days. She dives into the 61-day process by first identifying the top 5 areas of focus from which most habits are derived.

Speaking about the book, Esther Calloway said: “We build new habits all the time, whether we create them intentionally or not. It’s time to start building yours on purpose. The premise of this book is to bring awareness of the power of repetition. My ultimate goal is to help people transform bad habits into healthy ones by making small changes that last a lifetime.”

About the Author

As an entrepreneur, Esther Calloway is a music industry professional and owner of Dallas-based boutique booking agency, E. Calloway Management. As a Habit Coach and motivational speaker, Esther is gifted in helping others see their full potential. Her sole purpose is to use her gifts to serve others while spreading the message of love and hope around the world. She is the lucky mom to her beautiful 16-year old daughter Madison and a native Dallasite. The signed copies of the new book can be ordered from the her website, and customers will receive the digital copy for free when they buy a hard copy.

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