Esteemed Ceramist Noel Leon to Elevate Mexican Ceramics at Prestigious Guadalajara Event

South Californian Artist Aims to Revolutionize Traditional Ceramics and Empower Local Communities

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico – October 25, 2023 – Esteemed ceramist Noel Leon, the visionary behind Estudio de Las Rosas, is set to make waves at the 4th Advanced Artisanal Pottery Training in Guadalajara. Organized by the prestigious National Ceramic Award, the event aims to elevate the craft of ceramics and amplify community identity on both local and national stages.

Noel Leon will unveil a groundbreaking piece that blends sculpture and pottery, capturing the essence of ceramics from the ranches of Baja California Sur. “This event is a platform to showcase the rich heritage and untapped potential of South Californian ceramics,” says Noel.

Noel is not just an artist but a lifelong learner deeply committed to mastering the art of clay and continually elevating his craft. His belief in the power of education is unwavering, and he aims to pass on this value to his students by offering advanced training and techniques. The program he will be participating in is endorsed by the Secretary of Public Education. “Education is the cornerstone of any art form. This certification will not only set a new standard for aspiring ceramists in our community but also allow me to continually add value to my students through enhanced training,” Noel adds.

While in Guadalajara, Noel will conduct workshops on traditional ceramics and collaborate with renowned production house ‘Contra Luz Audiovisuales’ to explore the visual storytelling potential of pottery.

“Being a socially responsible artist is not an option; it’s a commitment. My team and I at Estudio de Las Rosas aim to empower our community through art,” emphasizes Noel.

“This initiative opens doors for future exhibitions, educational programs, and a marketplace for local artists,” Noel shares.

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Estudio de Las Rosas is on track to become the premier ceramics school in Baja California Sur, led by a National Ceramic Award-certified instructor. The studio aims to revolutionize the traditional ceramics industry while empowering local communities.

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