Estate Lawyer Yana Feldman Unveils Comprehensive Guide on New York Estate Planning Laws

Estate Lawyer Yana Feldman Unveils Comprehensive Guide on New York Estate Planning Laws

Estate lawyer Yana Feldman, a prominent figure in the field of estate planning and elder law, has published an insightful article detailing the intricacies of estate planning laws in New York. The article, released under the auspices of New York Legacy Lawyers, merges Feldman’s two decades of experience with her commitment to empowering individuals to effectively plan their estates.

“Your legacy is more than a list of assets. Your achievements for your family and your community can have a lasting benefit to future generations,” says Estate lawyer Yana Feldman in the piece. She emphasizes that with careful planning, individuals can ensure their goals for the future are carried out during their lifetime and beyond.

The article, penned by Estate lawyer Yana Feldman, presents a comprehensive overview of estate planning, underlining its importance for a wide range of individuals, not merely the wealthy. The New York Legacy Lawyers’ mission, as encapsulated in the article, is to assist clients in achieving their estate planning goals by providing skilled legal counsel and a personalized approach that takes into account the unique needs of each client.

Feldman shares in the article, “The process of estate planning allows individuals to have more control over what happens next in their lives and even when they pass on.” She illustrates how estate planning is a collection of legal tools, including trusts, will, and power of attorney, designed to prepare individuals for future eventualities, including asset protection, end-of-life care, and guardianship of minor children.

The article further elaborates on the potential consequences of neglecting to have an estate plan in place, such as the risk of exclusion of preferred beneficiaries. Feldman emphasizes the value of estate planning as a method for individuals to make their decisions clear while they are capable, if they become incapacitated, and when they pass away.

In light of intestacy laws, which dictate the distribution of an estate if there is no valid last will and testament, Feldman underscores the crucial role of estate planning. It can prevent the probate process, which can be long, expensive, and public, further stressing the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan.

To wrap up the discussion, Feldman offers a detailed exploration of the various legal documents involved in estate planning, including wills, trusts, power of attorney, health care proxy, and advance directive. She also highlights the adaptability of an estate plan, stating, “A plan should reflect and address the changing circumstances of an individual’s life.”

Feldman also mentions the field of trusts and estates, a sub-discipline of estate law, which deals with the legal processes that occur when a person passes away. A well-established law firm, like the New York Legacy Lawyers, has experienced attorneys who can guide individuals through these complex laws.

For individuals considering estate planning, Yana Feldman’s guide is a must-read, providing a comprehensive overview of the complexities of Estate Planning Laws in New York. The article underscores the importance of planning for the future, equipping individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their assets and their legacies.

About New York Legacy Lawyers:

New York Legacy Lawyers is a reputable law firm dedicated to empowering clients to accomplish their vision for the future through personalized estate planning. With a team of qualified attorneys, including Yana Feldman, the firm offers comprehensive legal counsel in the areas of estate planning and elder law. By conducting a thorough review of clients’ profiles, New York Legacy Lawyers recommends appropriate estate planning measures that benefit their specific circumstances. Their commitment lies in ensuring the security and peace of mind of their clients.



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