Established Visual Artist and Entrepreneur, Jeff Glozzy, Highlights His Professional Journey As a Creator In New Online Interview

Norfolk, MA – June 21, 2023 – Jeff Glozzy is a respected visual artist who is passionate about inspiring others through a wide range of artistic mediums. Born and raised in Norfolk, Massachusetts, Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Villanova University and a Master’s in Art Education from Boston University. With a passion for artistic expression, Jeff has cultivated a large following on his social platforms and takes pride in inspiring change through his art. 

In a recently posted online interview, he discusses his path to professional success and how he found the confidence to pursue his career aspirations. When asked, “What is the inspiration behind becoming an artist?” he shares, 

“I want to harness my talents to create artwork that inspires people. I feel a responsibility to help society in some way, and this is the way I’ve chosen. Most people are just interested in drowning out all the noise in society and keeping their heads down, making money for themselves and for their family. I respect that, but I want to both support my family and pursue my artistic endeavors.”

Jeff began his career in a sales position before finding the inspiration to transition into a creative role. He claims that working as a professional artist is his true calling and has broken free from his previous career. Jeff posts primarily to Instagram and enjoys publishing reels and video footage of his techniques.

“Regarding my more current creations, I’m focusing more on art that contains a message. Although I’m not politically inclined, my art tends to incorporate political elements, some of which can be a bit dark. I often see people as reacting to situations emotionally rather than acting as adults—without demonstrating any kind of calm or flexibility. I’ve been using that observation to guide my work. In doing so, I’m pointing a finger at the ridiculousness inherent to both sides of the political spectrum.”

Jeff considers himself to be a confrontation artist, meaning he produces art that is both challenging and thought-provoking. He also aims to address important social issues through his craft.

Those who would like to learn more about Jeff Glozzy are invited to check out the full interview here.

About Jeff Glozzy

Jeff Glozzy is a celebrated visual artist and entrepreneur based out of Norfolk, Massachusetts. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Villanova University and a Master’s in Art Education from Boston University, Jeff uses his skills to inspire conversations surrounding various political topics. As an advocate for artistic expression, Jeff is passionate about his career and has amassed a large following on his social platforms. He brings a unique perspective to every project he takes on and is always looking for opportunities to grow and learn.

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