Esports Wife app offers cryptocurrency and many other exciting prizes to both Android and iOS users

Esports Wife, an app available for both Android and iOS users offers a variety of rewards, cash, cryptocurrency, gift cards, gaming skins, gaming products and many other prizes. The app allows users to earn rewards for free and they can also take part in the daily lucky draws to stand a chance to win $1 Million Dollars.  The app offers an instant prize to all the new users who sign up and moreover, there are no hidden charges, sign up fees or money involved in using the app. Any user can simply sign up and log into the app and start earning and winning immediately.

After logging into the Esports Wife app, the users will get free stean coins and stean burgers. They can exchange their stean coins and stean burgers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as well as earn gift cards for many popular brands along with gaming rewards or exchange them for lucky draw tickets to stand a chance to win 1 Million Dollars.

The app has received great reviews from both iOS and Android users so far such as this user on iTunes who says, “At first when I saw this app I think this is just scam but then I download it and claimed a random dota 2 item, I didn’t know what to do but after a few hours I saw on my stean pending offers and I saw this app giving me items. So, now I know now that this app is valuable and this is the reason I put 5 stars on this app”.

Apart from getting rewards from the app, the users can also check the free Esports predict section to predict which team wins and get awesome prizes in return. There is also a news and entertainment section that allows the user to view the latest news and entertainment videos from Youtube, Gosu Gamers, NBA, Cyber Game and other channels. The app also features the option to watch live score, results and online streaming as well as Babe Streamers/Gamers.

Some of the rewards offered by the Esports Wife app are gaming prizes from Playstation, Origin, Dota 2, Clash of Clans and electrics/gadgets such as the latest smartphones, drones, laptops, headphones, scooters, accessories and more. The users can also get vouchers and gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, eBay, Playstation, ASOS, Forever 21, Sephora, etc.

The app is available for free download at iTunes and Google Playstore.

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