“Errare Humanum Est” the new Celtic song by Andrea Seki and Kristen Nikolas

"Errare Humanum Est" the new Celtic song by Andrea Seki and Kristen Nikolas
“Errare Humanum Est” (Atlanteans Resonances Records) is poised for release on December 21, 2023, coinciding with the winter solstice—a song celebrating the beauty of flaws and inviting souls to find solace in the timeless melodies woven by Andrea Seki and Kristen Nikolas.

In the heart of the Celtic realms, where melodies dance with the wind and stories are whispered by ancient stones, there exists a harmony born of souls intertwined. Andrea Seki, a harpist, composer, and author, traces his musical journey through the intricate tapestry of his experiences and collaborations that have shaped his ethereal compositions.

His odyssey began amidst the enchanting landscapes of Brittany, where the whispers of the harp led him to the National School of Brest, guided by the revered Breton bard Alan Stivell. Here, Andrea delved into the realms of Celtic and neo-Celtic harps, steeping himself in their evocative, legendary essence.

Under the tutelage of the bardic harpist Myrdhin, founder of the International Celtic Harp Encounters in Dinan, Andrea honed his craft. Over the years, he immersed himself in the musical traditions of Brittany and Ireland, exploring the Vedic music of northern India and delving into ancient and modern sounds, from folk rock to classical and the cutting-edge realms of electro and trance.

The fruits of his artistic labor are strewn across a discography that spans decades, each album a testament to his evolution as an artist. From the ethereal whispers of “Fairylands” to the enchanting melodies of “A Journey to the Other Land,” Andrea’s compositions echo with a profound connection to nature, history, and the mythical.

But his story intertwines with another luminary of the Celtic musical landscape—Kristen Nikolas. A singer, songwriter, and seeker of ancient Celtic wisdom, Kristen’s path converged with Andrea’s in 1996. United by their reverence for ancient Celtic civilizations and maritime lore, their collaboration bore fruit in the stirring strains of “Son Atlantel” and continued to flourish through the resonating notes of “Errare Humanum Est.”

Kristen’s lyrical prose weaves tales inspired by life’s tapestry, drawn from encounters and the essence of the human experience. He shares his poetic process, a communion with nature, where words dance freely guided by the rhythm of the earth and sky. His writings, timeless and metaphoric, echo sentiments of unity amidst diversity—a testament to the beauty of our differences.

Their latest endeavor, “Errare Humanum Est,” (Atlanteans Resonances Records) melds Andrea’s evocative harp compositions with Kristen’s poignant verses. This melodic narrative, a synthesis of their artistic spirits, speaks of the human condition—its faults, its journey, and its intrinsic connection to the universal essence.

In this musical alchemy, they’ve beckoned a troupe of talented musicians, forging a new musical venture known as “C’hez An Avel Project” or “The Breath of the Wind.” With each member a virtuoso in their own right, the ensemble embodies a fusion of Breton and Tuscia influences, adding a touch of southern Italian melodies and chants by Biagio Accardi to the symphony.

The journey of their collaboration transcends geographical boundaries, echoing the mysticism of ancient lands—the Bretagne embracing Andrea for almost three decades, echoing the sacredness of Tuscia, a cradle of Etruscan and maritime cultures.

Patrice Marzin, an esteemed figure in Breton and Celtic music, echoed the magic woven by Andrea and Kristen, their harmonies a testament to a profound musical and human connection.

Their composition, a fusion of ancient echoes and contemporary resonance, is an invocation—an invitation for humanity to embrace its fallibilities and reconnect with its universal spirit. It is a symphony that celebrates the beauty of imperfections, urging us to dance to the rhythm of our own existence.

As they unleash this latest opus into the world, Andrea Seki and Kristen Nikolas stand as custodians of a musical heritage, weaving melodies that transcend time, beckoning souls to find solace and illumination in the symphony of life.

Errare Humanum Est (Atlanteans Resonances Records) will be released on Spotify and all digital streaming music providers around the world on December 21, 2023, the day of the winter solstice.


Original music composed by Kristen Nikolas and Andrea Seki

Lyrics by Kristen Nikolas

Andrea Seki: Neo-Celtic harp, loops, fx, moog-bass, and backing vocals.

Kristen Nikolas: Singer and vocals

Konogan An Habask: Biniou, bombarde, uilian pipe, Low-istle

Daniele Sechi: Drums

Didier Dreo: Electric guitars Guest 

Massimiliano Gallo: Viola Guest 

Federica Faith: Choirs Guest 

Alauna: Choirs – Expression vocal fx Guest 

Biagio Accardi: Narrated voice Guest 

Maxime Bourdon: Harmonica

Franky Cosentino: Sound recording and editing

Patrice Marzin @ Seniprod Kemper Studio – Mixing and mastering

Fabrizio Mancini: Artwork cover

Artistic director: Andrea Seki

Management/promotion/communication: Karine Hermen 

Record Label: Atlanteans Resonances Records

Music publisher: Magic&Unique Music Publishing

Distribution: Magic&Unique Group LTD

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Contact Person: JP DEVERA
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Phone: +1 424 777 2283
Country: United States
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