Erika Nelson aka XO Muzik’s journey of going through a difficult childhood to becoming the newest Hip Hop sensation

Growing up in a broken home in Texas and having to go through the murder of her father and brother at the age of 10, Erika Nelson has faced a lot of turmoil in her life before becoming the inspiring person that she is now. Her mother struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction so things were never normal in her house. After the death of her father, who was a big part of her life, Erika decided to move ahead with her life and change the circumstances she was living in. She graduated from Longview High School and went on to attend Lon Morris College to eventually finding solace in music writing and composing.

At the age of 18, she joined a local record label called “ETP” that gave her experience as a recording artist. After a spat with her mother, XO was forced to move out at the age of 19, leaving her homeless for a long time. She moved one place to another until finally finding her own. Over the few years, she worked with multiple record labels but none of them provided her the push in her career that she was hoping for.  Finally, in the year 2005, she met with AL-B, a member of Palestinian rap group THB and the two started working together. AL saw something special in XO and put his rap dreams aside to bring out the best in her with his track selection, determination, and promotional skills.

All those years of struggles and hard work finally paid off for XO Muzik and she went on to receive multiple awards including “Best Hip Hop Artist” and “Best Female Artist Award” in Longview, Texas. In 2017, she won further accolades such as the “Best Hip Hop Artist” at the Women in Charge Awards in Atlanta. She also won the “We Wurk” award by Virdiko in 2018. After delivering some power-packed live performances in several concerts revolving around her single “I.D.F.W.U.”, she has come up with her latest EP “I am Chameleon” featuring 7 hard-hitting songs, showcasing the best of her singing talent so far.

XO is an inspiration to anyone who is going through difficult times in life and looking for a ray of hope. She proves it that no dream is impossible if you work to achieve it, without giving up. “I want my music to be something that people can enjoy that’s why I make many different styles of music. I enjoy making music that connects with my Listeners. It’s been a long time of me grinding, since East Texas when I was with AL-B my ex-manager. We moved to Atlanta to chase my dream. But now I’m in Dallas and things are moving faster here. I’m connecting with more people and recording lots of new music”, states XO Muzik.
More information about XO and her music can be found at her official website

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