Erick Bouaziz Redefines the Resilience of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

A Very Personal Project Helps Addicts and Their Families

Erick Bouaziz carries his five-year sobriety chip with a humble pride. Never one to boast about his success as a recovering drug addict or his almost religious commitment to the 12-step program that helped get him to this healthier place. Instead the former nightclub owner wants to talk about the struggles of people dealing with addiction and substance abuse, and how his personal mission as an entrepreneur is to offer them not only encouragement but a pathway back to health. After returning to school at 33 to complete a diploma in addictions counselling, Bouaziz co-founded the New Awakenings treatment centre in Port Perry before turning is abundance of energy and insight to a new and very personal project. Known simply as The Academy, it is an addiction rehabilitation and treatment facility in Etobicoke that blends Bouaziz’s entrepreneurial spirit with his deep desire to build a legacy of help and healing.

With over 15 treatment options available as part of The Academy’s 90-day program, Erik Bouaziz is working diligently to secure government funding in order to continue to expand the facility, adding beds to the current 40and expanding assistance resources for patients and their families. With a low staff to client ratio (3:1), The Academy combines rigorous treatment protocols with a sense of safety that Erick Bouaziz always felt lacking in the rehabilitation centres he used. There is a sense of intimacy to The Academy, he explains, “you don’t feel lost, you’re not just a number. There’s a lot of one-on-one counselling.”

Even as he continues to focus on The Academy, Erick Bouaziz is never one to lose sight of the bigger picture and the challenges of his own sobriety. And like a true entrepreneur, it is the success of his lifework that drives him forward every day: “I have to live this program every day of my life,” he acknowledges freely. “Don’t get me wrong, everyday is an amazing day and I love my life now but for me to be successful, I have to help people.”

About Eric Bouaziz:

Eric Bouazizis an addiction counsellor but more than anything he is an entrepreneur. Co-founder of the New Awakenings treatment centre in Port Perry, his new and very personal project is The Academy, a full rehabilitation and treatment centre in Etobicoke. With 40 beds and 15 program options, The Academy offers 90-day programs that emphasis one-on-one counselling in a safe environment with low staff-to-client working ratio.

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