Equipment for spray deodorization and disinfection of refuse transfer station

Equipment for spray deodorization and disinfection of refuse transfer station

The spray dedusting system of the garbage station spray deodorizing and disinfecting equipment is basically the same as the former system, and only needs to add compressed air. The nozzle used is also replaced by the single fluid fine atomizing nozzle to form the air atomizing nozzle. Compared with that, the atomization effect of the dual fluid spray dedusting system is better than that of the single fluid, and the atomized particle size is more. Small, the efficiency of dust removal is higher. It does not depend on high pressure and reduces the wear of high pressure pump set. The relative angle and coverage are larger.

The spray deodorizing and disinfecting equipment of the refuse collection station aims at the needs of users and pays attention to quality. Through high pressure atomization, the high active deodorant is sprayed in the odor space, effectively controlling the odor, improving the surrounding environment, and ensuring the long-term and stable operation of the equipment.

The spray deodorizing equipment of the refuse collection station has a water ultrafiltration system:

1. 301 stainless steel shell, Seiko build, durable;

2. Strong filtration effect, high-precision filter membrane, the precision is as high as 0.01 μ m, effectively prevent the dusai nozzle;

3. It can effectively filter rust, sediment, debris and other large particle impurities;

4. Automatic flushing, filter element replacement time > 3 years.

Spray deodorization and disinfection of refuse station is a new type of deodorizing device with mist and gas treatment. The principle is to use high-pressure pump to pressurize the mixture of deodorant or disinfectant to 50 kilograms or more. Through high-pressure pipeline and high-pressure nozzle atomization, the flying mist is formed, and a good clean air is created. The mist particles are vaporized quickly and the pollution factors are adsorbed and decomposed, so as to achieve deodorization and disinfection. The system has the advantages of low cost, good operation effect and unmanned automatic control. Without large equipment such as gas collecting hood, air duct, centrifugal fan and waste gas treatment tower, it has the advantages of small occupation, convenient installation, simple maintenance and low operation cost.

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