Epiq Nights Launches its Cryptocurrency Coin, the HARD Coin in an ICO

Epiq Nights has announced that it will be launching its cryptocurrency, called Hard Coins in an initial coin offering

Fort Worth, Texas – December 4, 2017 – Epiq Nights is a popular brand name, especially in the world of health supplements. Yet, the company has gone a step further by creating a digital currency. This is so, as Epiq Nights has made it known to the public that it will be launching its cryptocurrency in a couple of days. Tagged, the Hard Coins, Epiq Nights has announced that it will launch the digital currency. The landing page for the initial coin offering will be ready on Sunday.

The emergence of digital currency is causing a somewhat revolution in the business world to say the least. Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent times. This is due to the safety and other such benefits that add to using digital currency to make payments and transfer funds. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherum have also strengthened the confidence of people in cryptocurrency. Business moguls like Bill Gates also attest to the prospect of digital currency. Consequently, several altcoins have been launched into the digital currency world. This has created choices for users of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have been identified to be more than just a secured means of making payments or transferring funds. Studies have shown that they can also be a good investment tool. In recent times, several cryptocurrencies have appreciated in value significantly. This is especially after their initial offering. Holders of digital currencies, particularly those that bought during ICOs usually see a tremendous appreciation in their investment or holding as the case may be.

The initial coin offering of Hard coins is coming with benefits. The first of the benefits is that it gives everyone the opportunity to own a cryptocurrency that can be used for payment. The other benefit of Hard coin ICO relates to it being a form of investment. This is so as ICOs tend to appreciate once the coin is launch on major exchanges after the initial offering.

Hard Coin is unlike many other ICOs that have resulted in buyers losing their money after the official launch of the cryptocurrency. Other coins even fail to make major exchanges. However, Hard coin is being launched by a reputable brand that has made a name for itself over the years. Therefore, buyers can be rest assured of having a digital currency that can be traded on major exchanges. They also have the opportunity of seeing their investments appreciate in a relatively short duration.

Digital currency is undoubtedly the form of currency for the present and the future. Smart individuals and businesses can only do themselves some good by buying credible cryptocurrencies like the Hard Coin.

Interested buyers can visit the official website of Hard Coins for more information about the cryptocurrency and the ICO. The coin will be subsequently launched on major online exchanges, allowing buyers to freely buy or sell the coin as they desire.

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