Epicc Vascular, The Region’s Leading Provider Of Vascular Access Mobile Services And Specialty Nurse Education Programs Will Expand Its Brand Across The Nation Through A Multi State Agreement

The success of Epicc Vascular is extensive with numerous successful flagship operations located throughout Texas. Since 2014, the rate of growth for the company has exceeded industry averages and its experienced executive group led by CEO Denette Buenrostro, RN has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

The rising stock of the company attracted the attention of multiple healthcare groups competing for the rights to manage the expansion on behalf of the company. In a multi-state agreement, Epicc Vascular CEO, Denette Buenrostro signed the agreement to expand to 25 cities in fiscal 2017, with the first operation starting in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Operations will be managed by the newly created Epicc Vascular Holdings, LLC.

“Our brand of patient care is one of a kind and we’re thrilled that we will soon be recognized as a national company. I’m very proud of my management team and our partners who have worked very hard to make this day a reality. We purposely chose Hawaii as our starting point because our brand of service is totally in line with their market. We are equally proud to welcome Niki Garcia, RN-CRNI to the ownership group, as the first owner operator of Epicc Vascular Hawaii.” Denette Buenrostro, RN CEO.

Niki Garcia, RN-CRNI is the owner operator of Epicc Vascular Hawaii, with offices located in the prestigious Bishop Square, Pauahi Tower in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I feel very excited for this opportunity, specially since I’m the first of many, being a nurse for many years this is something I always dreamt of doing, the business model and the support I have gotten that allows me to operate my own business and deliver exceptional vascular access services is unbelievable. I want to thank Denette for her confidence and encouragement.” Niki Garcia, RN-CRNI.

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