Entrepreneurship Made Easy with Nereides Advertising Agency

“Nereides is a boutique social media and public relations agency that specializes in launching and maintaining publicity for modern brands.”

Startup companies need all of the help they can get when it comes to active marketing, but proper advertising does come with costs. It is good to know that there is an agency nowadays that can handle the demands of these startups and provide high advertising value at a reasonably affordable rate.

Nereides is a startup advertising agency that makes entrepreneurship easy by handling everything from SEO to press engagements, while you focus on your core business. Relatively new in the market, it is a boutique social media and public relations agency that works primarily with startups, but also has dealings with more established corporations.

They focus on utilizing all available means of advertising – from organic to paid – to help clients establish their brand and build a relevant following. Unlike their predecessors, Nereides is known to work one-on-one, hand-in-hand with each client to develop a specific, yet dynamic marketing strategy suitable to their distinct needs and objectives.

With the main focus on increasing brand awareness, this startup advertising agency works by strengthening the company’s presence across various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Not only do they ensure targeted consumer interactions but they also see to it that there is consistent engagement all throughout the relationship.

Social posts based on the target consumers’ online behaviors are crafted and sent through to their mobile devices. Doing so, more of the right people will discover your brand over time.

Relevant posts on your social media pages will also be shared across industry websites and social media groups, gaining even more traction for your brand. What you have here is discrete, cost-effective, and efficient advertising.

To further extend your brand’s social reach, Nereides will also make use of sponsored posts whenever necessary. With these, you can promote a product or service to increase conversions on a company website. You can also have sponsored posts that serve to boost engagement on your social media page (likes and followers).

Finally, this startup advertising agency may also use these paid posts on your behalf to achieve what is known as an ad recall lift. This pertains to using sponsored posts with the purpose of strengthening brand recall.

Nereides goes the extra mile and utilizes influencer marketing to drive even more traffic to your brand’s accounts. They look for the right people across organizations and connect with them to expand both your consumer and professional networks.

Worry no more as they can also create press releases on your behalf. Have news to share? The agency can make the perfect announcement and distribute it online and offline.

Online, your press release can reach relevant websites, news outlets, magazines, and the like. Offline, you can expect the agency to forward your news to journalists and publications that can provide you with high value coverage and exposure.

By creating a highly targeted marketing strategy on your behalf, you can expect more traction for your website, more engagement and attention for your social media pages, and of course, more visibility when it comes to your press releases. Build your brand efficiently without burning a hole in your wallet with Nereides.

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Company Name: Nereides Advertising
Contact Person: Marine Bouvet
Email: mbouvet@nereidespublicist.com
Phone: +33 (0)1 86 26 07 81
Address:10 Place Vendome 75001, Paris
City: Paris
Country: France
Website: http://www.nereidespublicist.com/