Entertainment News: Multi-Award Winning Actress Ye Zhong Stars the Action Packed Thriller Short Film Concourse

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Ye Zhong is a rising actress in the film industry. Ye was born in the southern Chinese city of Shantou. Ye Zhong moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in the film industry and has been cast in quality film productions! Ye Zhong is well-known for her appearances in BET!, Unnamed, and Snow, and a new action-packed thriller Concourse!  Read below to find out more about Ye Zhong’s latest film role and more!

“Concourse” is an action-packed thriller short film featuring zombie horror elements. The majority of the production team, including the producers and director, is female. “It was fantastic to work with Jane Fleiss and Ronan Parker again!” said Ye of her reunion with Jane Fleiss and Ronan Parker. They had worked together on another short film, “Escape,” in which Ye also appeared. “Concourse” is about more than just fighting zombies; it also explores topics like friendship, salvation, and making split-second life-or-death decisions. The film has already received numerous awards at film festivals! 

Ye Zhong Talks Portraying Cal in the film & The Directors

Cal, Ye’s character in “Concourse,” is complex and multi-dimensional. In a short period, Ye successfully conveys a range of emotions while performing intense fight scenes. “It was both fun and challenging,” she admits. Her previous combat training proved to be invaluable during filming. Ye took great pleasure in portraying Cal, explaining, “I wanted to infuse more depth into Cal, beyond just fear. She’s brave, loyal, and determined, even in her darkest moment.

Ye expressed her gratitude for working with Jane Fleiss, saying, “I can’t describe how much I’ve learned from Jane.” According to Ye, Jane excels at helping actors reach the desired emotional states for their characters. She knows how to guide actors and bring out their best performances. “Jane’s directions are invaluable. She communicates clearly, helping us understand how we can improve in the next take and elevate our performances.” 

“Parker always knows what’s best,” Ye stated. Parker and Jane have a long-standing collaboration and possess a deep understanding of each other’s preferences, resulting in magical on-camera moments.” – Ye Zhong

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