Entertainment Industry To Be Energized With Fresh Funds From The RMB Council

New Entertainment Finance Syndicate plans to finance the production of multilingual content for the global entertainment industry.

Hong Kong, SAR – The RMB Council (TRC) has announced a new investment Syndicate to finance the production of much-needed new and original content for the entertainment industry. These will include serialized movies, dramas, talk shows, animated cartoons, reality shows and game shows.

In an industry known for endless re-runs, the injection of fresh funds for the production of multilingual content is expected to energize the global entertainment industry.

It’s a fact that nobody really wants to watch repeats over and over and over again. Entertainment channel operators know this well. That’s why there is so much demand for new content to satisfy the thousands of entertainment channels now available to viewers.

The Entertainment Finance Syndicate, sponsored by The RMB Council, will provide financing to producers from around the world. As the Syndicate will own exclusive distribution and advertising revenue-sharing rights as security, borrowers will repay their borrowings from royalty payments and their share of advertising revenues.

Participation in this new Entertainment Finance Syndicate is now available for advance reservation. The Syndicate expects to produce a return on investment of over 20% per annum based on the growing demand for new content.

Premier Members of Winnamore Street https://www.crowdfundingwst2wst.com will enjoy priority rights to participate in this Syndicate.

About The RMB Council

The RMB Council is a Hong Kong Government-registered think tank involved in the research of and support for improvements in the efficiency of settling global financial transactions.

The RMB Council’s particular area of interest is how capital for business may be raised and used efficiently in an ever-changing world driven by technological innovations.

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