Entertainment Executive Jamie Drummond Bruce Comes Out Of Retirement To Accept the President’s Post At Black Label Films To Inspire Change

Being a public figure comes with a level of influence in which one can incite, inspire, and elicit a reaction from a crowd without as much as saying a word. As an essential Entertainment leader in music, marketing an artist development. Jamie “Trendsetters” Drummond ~ Bruce uses his years of experience and accumulated network of influence in entertainment and sports to advocate for understanding in the world of entertainment.

Jamie Drummond Bruce (aka: Jamie Trendsetters) is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, first making a name for himself with his trendsetters mix tapes and CD’s often behind the scenes Jamie trendsetters became a top Dawg when it was dealing with artist and artist promotions. Having over three decades of experience operating at the highest level in entertainment, he rose to become the Director for the Southeast Region div: Artist development an Artist Marketing.

He also holds titles as President of Trendsetters Music & Media, President / CFO of so Twisted TV, a Division of Telecast Network. Jamie has been known by many in music and sports and is a genius when it comes to finding talent and promotions. the super promoter has a personal friendship with industry legend Ken Levy Arista record Vp under Clive Davis 2 decades before moving on to become one of the top Executive with Sony-Sony-Red /Universal.

After 15 years of being the number 2 man under Ken Levy. Mr. Levy summoned.

Jamie to his office to only find out Jamie wasn’t in the office in fact “J” wasn’t even in the state of New York. Ken had his asst to call Jamie asking where the hell are you Jamie, LEVY asking for you. In True Trendsetters fashion Jamie responded I’m walking on faith. ken pick up the call and ask what’s your faith son. Jamie responded boss I feel I can do more to speed up my dream’s sir.

Ken paused and gave me a lesson on life right then. By saying J.D YOU’RE GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW BEFORE YOU LEAD SON.

THE NEXT MORNING THE GREAT Ken Levy had a contract in my email to partner up with him on starting a development label and marketing company. In NYC and that cemented Jamie status as one of the most influential figures in the music business.

Jamie trendsetters believes this project to uplift upcoming writers, directors, actors & actresses to couldn’t have come at a better time, and there’s no better candidate to spearhead the initiative than him with his reach and level of influence. Five years from now, Jamie hopes that “Black Label Films” will have metamorphosed into an all-encompassing media platform. For Jamie Trendsetters dreams are valid. The only times they are not when one dreams and does nothing, but for everybody who is striving despite the vices around them, “you will catch a break and win,” with Black Label Films.

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