Flesh out your sects and clans with guides and sourcebooks to craft bigger, bloodier storylines with White Wolf Entertainment and Humble Bundle’s release of Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition, supporting UNHCR.

Los Angeles, CA – October 16, 2018 – Enter a WORLD OF DARKNESS with White Wolf Entertainment and Humble Bundle to feed your ultimate thirst for knowledge with Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition here: https://bit.ly/2EqTOyr.

Directed by award-winner Giles Alderson (The Dare, The Heart of the Forest) and written-produced by Kevin Lee (Gaming the Real World) from Luckyday, WORLD OF DARKNESS, the documentary, captures the worldwide, social phenomenon that united millions, beginning with Vampire: The Masquerade (creator: Mark Rein-Hagen). 

From legendary White Wolf publishers, WORLD OF DARKNESS, the documentary, explores one of the most prolific and genre-defining role-playing franchises, in a way like never before. Witness the rise, fall and resurrection of the world’s most popular RPG’s and influence on today’s vampire culture, while fleshing out guides for each group, to craft bigger and bloodier storylines with Humble Bundle’s host of supplements and sourcebooks. “With over 8 million books sold, a heaping pile of fan-fiction, a television series, LARP’s across the world, a collectible card game, and some of the best video games you will ever play […], the world that White Wolf had built for itself was unlike anything anyone had ever seen, let alone played in the 1990s,” remarked Geek.com.

As a powerful documentary told through insightful interviews from prominent key players, WORLD OF DARKNESS features White Wolf’s creators, Stewart and Steve Wieck, who crafted an incredible game experience that went beyond traditional tabletop RPG “quest” style game play. Instead, the game experience focused on creative storytelling and relationship building within an elaborate, enthralling universe through live action events. WORLD OF DARKNESS “is a celebration of the game and the movement it embraced and helped grow. But, it’s not a fan flick. It doesn’t show the company as being perfect, but has a more holistic approach,” observed Guildmaster Gaming.

WORLD OF DARKNESS features discussions on the history of the game, along with its effect on popular culture, film and literature. Supporting interviews stem from worldwide fans, archived footage and video from LARP events, which also assisted in the evolvement of White Wolf’s franchise into the true phenomenon it is today. “One thing I absolutely adored about this documentary was that it really takes a look from the outside in as to what was going on when White Wolf sold its entire legacy to a gaming company and what went on during that time when all hope felt lost,” added Geek.com.

Flesh out your sects and clans with guides and sourcebooks to craft bigger, bloodier storylines with White Wolf Entertainment and Humble Bundle’s release of Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition, supporting The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Released to the masses exclusively from DarkCoast, WORLD OF DARKNESS is now streaming on various VOD platforms (Amazon, InDemand, iTunes, DirecTV, Fandango, Dish, FlixFling, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Sling).

Watch the documentary, WORLD OF DARKNESS on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2OfKiTi.

WORLD OF DARKNESS (2018, 89 min.) Directed by Giles Anderson. Written and produced by: Kevin Lee. Executive producer: Henrik Johannson. Edited by: Rodney Guest. Sweden, English. Figi Productions, Luckyday, White Wolf, TriCoast Worldwide, DarkCoast.

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