Enrollment is Officially Open for Kids to Join CAPE Movement’s Online Community


PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – April 11th, 2023 – CAPE Movement™ has launched an online community for children that is officially open for enrollment. The CAPE community is accessed through a mindset program specifically designed to strengthen children’s mindsets by expanding their awareness, enhancing their self-image, and helping them embody positive energy. After a successful 3-Day ‘Confidence and Mindset Method for Kids’ Masterclass was held at the end of March, CAPE is determined to continue their mission of building a supportive community for children to thrive and meet all of their independent needs. 

The community consists of a range of educational experts available to support every child’s own necessities and help them build a wide variety of life skills. This includes a John Maxwell certified coach, a Montessori teacher with expertise in choice theory, an expert in neurodivergent learning for children with autism, and two specialists in social-emotional development with extensive experience in early childhood education. Access to these professionals ensures children have ample support, tools, and strategies for processing emotions and receive extra support in areas where they need it. 

While the U.S. school system prioritizes teaching core subjects like English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, it often overlooks the importance of teaching life skills like mindset growth and self-worth. These skills are critical for success in all areas of life, yet many students graduate without a solid foundation of these concepts. 

“By focusing solely on academics, the school system does not address the importance of social-emotional learning and character development. As a result, students may struggle with self-doubt, anxiety, and a lack of confidence, which can have long-term negative effects on their personal and professional lives. That’s why building this CAPE community is so important to us. We want to provide students with the opportunity to get one-on-one support from a team of experts who value the growth of your child’s mind,” says Cofounder Renee Vardouniotis. 

Throughout the CAPE Mindset Method Program, children will engage with the CAPE community through weekly interactive Zoom calls, where they will explore topics geared towards expanding the child’s mindset. The program is integrated with an audio, visual, and kinesthetic component for each of the 13 lessons, which includes various engaging activities, like singing and art, to make learning fun. The program provides access to a group of like-minded people, which creates an environment that inspires children to further grow.  The goal is to enhance the self-confidence, self-image, self-belief, self-compassion, self-respect, and self-empowerment of every child, while also improving their academic, emotional, social and behavioral performance. 

CAPE recognizes and values the uniqueness of each child, which is why highly personalized weekly meetings are offered. At the beginning of each meeting, parents will have the ability to talk with the CAPE team to discuss any areas of concern and get updated feedback on how their children are navigating the program. Parents are also welcome to watch and participate in all activities with their children. 

All CAPE programs and meetings are led by the company’s founders, Renee Vardouniotis and Angie Leitnaker, two educators who use the knowledge gained from their thirty years of working in schools to help children develop healthy mindsets. 

About CAPE Movement

CAPE Movement, LLC is a collection of all-inclusive mindset and empowerment programs that condition your subconscious mind and develop social-emotional skills to optimize growth and desired outcomes. Their vision is to positively impact children and educators. They are committed to helping increase mindset and self-awareness and for it to be common practice in homes and schools around the world. 

For more information, email info@capemovement.com.

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