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Website development is the programming and coding that enables a website to function or helps a website owner to carry out the normal duties expected of the website.

A short consideration on Web Development:

According to “VB Web Consultant”, web development can define as the developing of a website for the internet or the internet. It is the work involved and web development includes the creation of single and static web pages, to the most complex web and internet applications. 

Web development can also be called website development and it involves (but not limited to) the process of website creation and design, development of web contents, scripting of server side and the configuration of security network.

It also includes the creation and development of social media sites and internet application. These internet applications, also called web apps, mobile apps, software, and so on.

Website development is the programming and coding that enables a website to function or helps a website owner to carry out the normal duties expected of the website.

However, it is worthy to note that website development focuses mainly on the writing markup and coding aspects of a website. It doesn’t deal much with the design aspects.

It involves all the tasks involved and associated with developing websites and web-pages. This also involves making them available for hosting whether via the internet or intranet.

Web development hierarchy is listed as follows:

1) Database-management system (DBMS)

2) Server-side scripting

3) Client-side coding

1) Database-management system (DBMS):

It is an application that is made to interact with the end or final users, which may include other applications or even the database itself. It is used generally for the administration of databases.

2) Server-side scripting:

This is a website development technique and it involves the production of a customized client’s request (in a website). This is employed with scripts.

3) Client-side coding:

A client simply means a piece of computer software or hardware that accesses a computer server or instruction which is made available by a different computer.  In this case, the user accesses the computer with networks.

Who Is A Web Developer?

A web developer is someone who specializes in the development of web applications. He makes them available to be run over HTTP and HTTPS from web browsers or web servers. A web developer’s jobs and obligations include:

– Designing of websites and web-pages

– Modification of old websites to make them fit into the modern standard

– Coding of websites from the website layouts to its functions according to the specifications of the clients

– Creation of user-friendly and mobile-responsive sites with clear navigation and attractive virtually

Things to Learn as a Website developer:

To be a website developer, you need to have the basic knowledge of some of the following:

JavaScript, Java, Python, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP Hypertext Processor (PHP), Ruby, C++, C, Shell, C#, Objective C, R, VimL, Go,  Perl, etc.

What is The Educational Requirements Expected from a Website Designer?

An average website designer should possess Bachelor’s degree related to computer science in a University or its equivalent to other institutions of higher knowledge. Also required is an optional certification by software companies or professional organizations.

Website development requires enough concentration to be successful in it.

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