Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Tatyana Cruz Frees Up Busy Business Owners Through Unique System

Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Tatyana Cruz Frees Up Busy Business Owners Through Unique System

Whether it is through an onboarding process, an event, a course journey, or a client appreciation strategy – there is always an opportunity to “wow” your customers.

Today we’d like to present to you Tatyana Cruz.

It’s a privilege to speak with you today. Would you share details about you and your background? How did you get to where you are today?

Life has truly been interesting – but I will say that it is super intentional. My name is Tatyana Cruz and I am a first generation daughter to two amazing immigrant parents. My father came over from Portugal to seek a better opportunity and life for himself and my mother from the Dominican Republic. I was born in New Jersey and raised in the suburbs of New York City. Growing up in my small little town was truly a different experience from the outside world – I always felt like there was something missing but never could truly pinpoint my finger on what it was.

I attended the University of Delaware where I received a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Through my college experience, I quickly realized the world is different from where I grew up and things began to fall into place. As a first generation Latina in engineering I felt the pressures of the world – never quite “fitting in” to any group of people. Through my college experiences and wanting to understand my culture in a deeper sense I joined Corazones Unidos Siempre, Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Incorporated. Chi Upsilon Sigma taught me so much about being a minority woman in the world – especially in the corporate world. Prior to entering college, I never truly knew what racism and sexism felt like – and as challenging as that has been it has also given me purpose to break through glass ceilings and help other minority women.

After college, I entered the corporate world. What a world!!! Although I had a degree in Engineering, I didn’t feel fulfilled – I wanted more. I wanted to be able to truly impact and help people. I entered the healthcare world and things began falling into place. Taking an entry level part time position making 1/4 of what I was making as an engineer was rough – but it gave me purpose, I now felt fulfilled and joy waking up every day and going to work. I had a purpose! I often tell people that sometimes, you have to take a step back to catapult forward. After 5 years in healthcare, I’ve been able to gain 4 promotions and position changes, an MBA degree and the courage to start my own business – a legacy I can leave for my two children.

I started my own business during the COVID-19 pandemic, after a 15 minute conversation with a mentor. One of the things I always share with people is, when God gives you purpose and direction, act quickly and fully in faith. God truly replaced this individual in my life to show me where I needed to be. Each day things change and adjustments are made – further refining my direction and purpose. I love that I get to assist entrepreneurs and business owners create experiences through systems and processes. One thing that I realized that was lacking during the pandemic, was the human touch and human connection – how were we going to do this in a virtual setting? Understanding the importance of creating peak moments and memorable experiences truly elevates and engages the human touch even in a virtual setting – fulfilling an intrinsic human need.

I’m sure your success wasn’t just handed to you on a silver platter. What hurdles have you had to overcome along the way?

Success can be defined so differently depending on who you ask. For me, success came with finding purpose and joy in the work that I do. I remember waking up every day and feeling like a robot, simply chasing money and feeling empty inside. I had to make changes – and those changes were going to come with backlash, struggles, and humbling moments. What I will say is that each one of those struggles, moments and every backlash was further preparing me for my true God Given purpose and gift. As long as I continue to find joy in what I do, I will define myself successful.

Now let’s talk about the work you do. What area do you specialize in and why should people work with you over the competition? 

I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners truly enhance their customer experience and journey. Whether it is through an onboarding process, an event, a course journey, or a client appreciation strategy – there is always an opportunity to “wow” your customers. If you are looking to create an experience that separates you from the rest of the industry but can’t figure out the details of how – I am your go to! This has become even more valuable and important in the virtual world, because instead of people having the opportunity to connect directly with you they are connecting with your full system and business from the comfort of their home – and how you wow them is directly correlated with the success of your business.

If someone wants to connect with you where should they go?

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at:

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