Energy sector giants join forces with the Light DeFi Group.

Montevideo, Uruguay – September 1, 2023 – The Uruguayan group Brillacom S.A. Light DeFi, along with the renowned companies Solatio and PS Soluções, announces the start of negotiations to form a partnership with the purpose of building the first solar power plant of the Light DeFi group and promoting the use of new technologies.

This strategic alliance brings together leading companies in their respective fields of expertise. Light DeFi is notably recognized for its presence in the digital asset and cryptocurrency market, and through this collaborative partnership, Brillacom S.A. has decided to expand such initiatives. Recognizing Solatio as a company with over two decades of experience in solar energy project development, and PS Soluções as an expert in photovoltaic projects, both have decided to bring their expertise to make this innovative venture a reality.

“The partnership with Solatio and PS Soluções represents a logical step towards our sustainability goals,” says Germano Sales of the Brillacom S.A. Group.

“Our vision of a photovoltaic power plant aligned with energy efficiency and environmental consciousness, connected in the world of Blockchain, comes to life with this collaborative partnership,” says Roberto Devienne of Solatio.

“This new initiative is the beacon for a sustainable future, combining energy efficiency and the world of Blockchain,” says Erik Bonaldi of PS Soluções.

 The start of these negotiations represents more than just a business partnership. It symbolizes the commitment that Brillacom S.A., Solatio, and PS Soluções have to collaborate with the Light DeFi Group, unifying their interests and knowledge to ensure the success of this innovative project in the Blockchain market.

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