Enchanting Children’s Tale ‘The Pranky Monkey’ Prances into Pasadena’s Historic Vroman’s Bookstore for the Holidays

Pasadena – Dec 1st, 2023 – Vroman’s Bookstore is thrilled to introduce “The Pranky Monkey,” a heartwarming children’s book by local author and esteemed educator Alexandrina Andre.

In “The Pranky Monkey”, readers follow the mischievous adventures of Sophie, a lovable monkey with a penchant for playful tricks. The story explores themes of loneliness, friendship, and personal growth as Sophie navigates a world where she yearns to be included.

Samantha Gregory, in her review for Readers’ Favorite Magazine, applauds Alexandrina Andre for creating a fun and educational book. Gregory notes, “The illustrations are bright and colorful and tell the story well. Sophie is a relatable character, acting out due to unexpressed emotions and the need for connection.”

The review emphasizes the positive messaging within the book, addressing the importance of open communication and empathy. Gregory states, “I think this is a good message for children, showing them that it is important for them to talk about how they feel and not resort to mean tricks to get attention.”

With its relatable characters and vibrant illustrations, “The Pranky Monkey” serves as a valuable resource for young readers, especially those navigating new environments like school. Gregory concludes, “I would recommend it. I think it would be beneficial for young children to hear Sophie’s story.”

Local readers and families are encouraged to explore “The Pranky Monkey” at Vroman’s Bookstore, where this enchanting children’s tale awaits discovery.

“The Pranky Monkey” is available at Vroman’s Bookstore in stores and online now.

About Alexandrina Andre:

Alexandrina Andre is a local author and educator based in Los Angeles. Her passion for education and storytelling has culminated in the creation of *The Pranky Monkey*, a delightful children’s book that aims to entertain and inspire young readers.

About Vroman’s Bookstore:

Vroman’s Bookstore, located in Pasadena, California, is a renowned independent bookstore that has been serving the community since 1894. With a rich history and a commitment to fostering a love for literature, Vroman’s is a beloved destination for book enthusiasts of all ages.

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