Enable Innovation At Speed: The Melting Point for Every DevOps Practitioners to experience another Sphere of DevOps

8 June, 2017 – Xellentro Consulting Services LLP, The India Exclusive Certified IT trainers is pleased to announce its upcoming DevOps conference – Enable Innovation At Speed, Kick starting 8:00 AM, at Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Hotel, Pune, Maharashtra, India. A roundtable avenue of DevOps users is the next big bang of training to take place, on 30th July 2017. A pre-event learning session is planned on 29th July 2017

A conference that will be panning from learners to experienced leaders from complex corporate organization, by presenting an unusual approach to gain and extend the DevOps knowledge, it is a boot camp of DevOps practitioners to experience the next unfolding phase of DevOps transformation.

DevOps is the perfect solution to take the current workplace to the next level, with increasing demand for services and product requirements over few resources, to be used efficiently and achieve optimum results. Startups will find this conference valuable to begin strong and develop faster. This is also suitable for students who are just passing out and joining organizations, as DevOps is widely accepted and utilized in most organization in the current marketplace.

This is a must for startups as they have limited resource and must deliver everything fast and efficiently. DevOps is the only way to go.

This conference will be featuring speakers from top corporate organization, who has led corporate groups in transforming and developing the DevOps experience. Notable speakers, who are specialist in the Agile and DevOps corner. They include:

  1. Mark Hornbeek: Author DevOps Test Engineer Test
  2. Savinder Puri: Head, DevOps CoE, Zensar Technologies
  3. AShok Mysore: Head – Appac MIG Business Excellence
  4. Ketan Vanjara: Global Head of Core Banking, HSBC Technologies India
  5. Tathagat Varma: Founder and CEO, ThoughtLeadership.
  6. Ravishankar N: Head, Agile, and DevOps practice GCP NGM, TCS

DevOps – Enable Innovation At Speed, will be coming up on Saturday, 29th – 30th July 2017. This is an avenue to learn from the masters, by creating an atmosphere of DevOps possibilities to learn in an unconventional manner- Learning by doing, with in-depth on-hands training.

During this conference, the journey of successes and failure from notable corporate organizations will be thoroughly shredded to learn the ropes which lead to shining, for companies like CGI, Zensar, HSBC, TCS and other big brands who have already embraced DevOps in the India and globally. Participants will be able to learn from DevOps experts, how the DevOps culture works, the processes and important tools to utilize in DevOps world.

The Pre-event session will have Track 1 on providing knowledge on technical tools of DevOps like Chef and Ansible. Track 2 is to learn basic concepts of DevOps using Lego, Chocolate, and Scrum.

For tickets and more information about Enable Innovation At Speed conference, visit Xellentro event portal to get started.

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