EMS Angels Announce the PTSD Pup Run Motorcycle Fundraiser to Help Sponsor a PTSD Dog for Annie

The PTSD Pup Run is a motorcycle fundraiser event to be held on June 6th and the proceeds would be given as support to Annie, an EMT-P and first responder for over a decade, who is having a terrible time battling PTSD and anxiety. The 28-year-old widow, mom, paramedic, instructor, and caregiver to her adopted mother who is living with dementia, also had to deal with an abusive childhood that had a lasting impact on her life.

Being abused and neglected as a child, growing up with both parents in jail, and getting adopted did not end the traumatic journey of Annie. Getting therapy was not enough to heal her from her childhood traumatic experiences. Finding a life partner turned up as a ray of hope for this young woman.

Annie and Sam lived a happy and perfect life filled with love, and for a minute Annie felt like she had found her haven. When Sam was diagnosed with cancer, Annie was 8 months pregnant and her heart broke. She was hopeful that Sam would beat cancer because he was diagnosed early and the cancer was not terminal yet.

But life dealt Annie another blow when, at 18 weeks pregnant, Sam was diagnosed with cancer. Sam died in Annie’s arms when their baby was just 5 months old, and she refused to believe it until the paramedics confirmed her worst nightmare – Sam was gone and she was alone with a baby.

Sam’s sudden and untimely death dealt a hard blow to Annie. Her life had gone from blissful to a very dark hole of depression after losing her safe haven. Annie started living in constant fear of losing her loved ones or maybe even her daughter to some unknown ailment. Annie lived in constant fear that she will suddenly get a call that said she would lose her daughter.

Annie’s PTSD has robbed her of what could be a wonderful life with her friends and family. Today, she is unable to do even normal things with her peers, like going out for concerts, hanging out in large gatherings or festivals. These outings never go so well as the 28-year-old widow and mom ends up breaking down, very scared of what could go wrong, anxious, and can barely have much fun because she is too busy being hyper-vigilant for the fear of getting hurt again. Her triggers could just be a sound or a touch, things that are practically inevitable when going out.

“I am unable to continue therapy as I don’t have health insurance. I have become almost non-functional… I feel that a service animal could help me be “me” again. Being me and more functional will help me give my daughter the life she deserves,” says Annie.

Among Annie’s other PTSD triggers are deep masculine voices, and physical contact, whether accidental or intentional. These lead to episodes characterized by a racing heart, dissociation, freezing, and more severe, uncontrollable symptoms. Annie however was strong enough to get back to her job 11 months after Sam’s passing. She was ready to start saving lives again even though her life was not in the best shape.

Working during the pandemic and trying to raise her daughter as a widowed mom dealing with PTSD is not easy for Annie. Her first day returning to the job was a trigger to her tragedy. The first case Annie handled was about a family dealing with the same situation and this made Annie relive all her trauma of losing her husband and her income.  She was forced to discontinue her therapy because she has no health insurance and most programs that could help her live a normal life again were way over her budget.

This fundraiser would be a lifesaver for Annie in so many ways. Annie can slowly become herself again, be more functional, feel safer, work better and give her daughter a better life. As many people are called to sign up for the ride as possible. Those who are moved to help Annie and her daughter get a better life without signing up for the race can send direct donations via PayPal or Zelle to emsangelsxxvi@gmail.com. Donors can be sure that their donations would go a long way to making lives better.

Event details: 

PTSD Pup Run – Motorcycle fundraiser ($20 rider, $25 with passenger)
Date: June 6, 2021
Location: Woodlands Premium Motorcycles, 198, Ed English Dr, Shenandoah, Texas 77385

The ride will end at Back Pew Brewing, music, and activities.

For more information, please visit: EMS Angels

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