Empowering Tomorrow’s Creative Marketers – The CAPS Student Media Agency

Empowering Tomorrow's Creative Marketers - The CAPS Student Media Agency
An innovative new program provides valuable skills for students.

In an era where digital media and marketing skills are paramount, the CAPS Network in Kansas City proudly introduces a pioneering initiative aimed at nurturing the next generation of creative professionals: The CAPS Student Media Agency. This innovate program is meticulously crafted to equip students with real-world experience in social media management, content creation, graphic design, video editing, and more.

Corey Mohn, President and Executive Director, emphasizes, “The CAPS Student Media Agency embodies the fusion of education and practical application. It offers students within the CAPS Network an unparalleled opportunity to refine their digital media and marketing skills through immersive asynchronous lessons facilitated by industry experts.”

With access to cutting-edge tools like Canva Pro and Loomly, students gain invaluable experience that significantly enhances their resumes for future endeavors. Moreover, through mentorship connections with industry professionals and project owners students receive invaluable guidance and support throughout their journey, augmenting their learning experience and providing valuable networking opportunities.

What distinguishes this program is its collaborative ethos. Students hailing from diverse backgrounds in marketing, digital media, and social media converge to form a cohesive online team. Through weekly meetings and project-based learning, they not only acquire technical proficiency but also cultivate essential soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability.

The vision of the CAPS Student Media Agency extends far beyond individual skill development. It aspires to harness the collective talent of students nationwide to bolster the strategic marketing endeavors of the CAPS Network. By narrating the stories of their regions and advocating for CAPS experiences among their peers, students not only gain practical exposure but also contribute to a broader educational and outreach mission.

The tangible success of the CAPS Student Media Agency is evidenced by the remarkable deliverables already produced through cross-network collaboration. From insightful social media analytics to captivating branded content, participants have showcased their ability to deliver results. Furthermore, the program fosters a sense of community, collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity, transcending geographical barriers and facilitating mutual learning among young professionals regardless of their ocation or school affiliation.

Reflecting on his experience, CAPS student Jaxton shared his insight, “I chose ‘Create Your Own Destiny’ as the main text because I believe that CAPS treats us not merely as students but as associates, empowering us to shape our own futures and evolve into the individuals we aspire to become.”

Looking forward, the CAPS Student Media Agency epitomizes the future of profession-based learning, empowering students to become active contributors in the marketing landscape irrespective of their geographic location. Under the mentorship of industry experts and project owners, students are afforded the opportunity to cultivate both technical expertise and professional networks that will serve them well in their future careers.

In essence, the CAPS Student Media Agency isn’t solely about preparing students for tomorrow; it’s about empowering them to make a tangible impact today. As Corey Mohn aptly concludes, these students aren’t just the future; they are the present. Through initiatives like the CAPS Student Media Agency, they stand poised to shape the future of marketing and creative storytelling.

About CAPS Network:

CAPS Network is a pioneering organization dedicated to transforming high school education by bridging the gap between the classroom and the professional world. Through innovative programs and partnerships, CAPS Network empowers students with real-world experiences that prepare them for successful careers.

CAPS structurally empowers high school students — primarily juniors and seniors to fast forward into their future with full immersion into the professional culture, solving real world problems, using industry standard tools and are mentored by actual employers. The model integrates high school, college and industry into a single community to provide a set of authentic experiences. Today over 170 school districts participate in the network across 22 states and four countries.

Imagine if every student in America left high school confident of their professional skills, aware of career opportunities, owning their strengths and passions, and able to activate a professional network—it would be a different economy and country.

For more information on CAPS Network please visit: https://yourcapsnetwork.org.

For media inquiries or to learn more about supporting the CAPS Student Media Agency, please contact: Corey Mohn, President and Executive Director corey@yourcapsnetwork.org

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